Dead Rising 3 to be demoed Sunday night during The Talking Dead

Who is getting ready for The Walking Dead premiere? if you are then your not alone because Microsoft is getting ready as well.

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Ezz20131503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

there is a show that name is The Talking Dead ?!

GusBricker1503d ago

It's a panel show right afterwards on AMC hosted by Chris Hardwick. It's been on for 2-3 years now.

Ezz20131503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

never heard of it till now
too much sleeping under the rock for a long time

WeAreLegion1503d ago

I'm not dealing with Chris Hardwick to watch that. I'll wait for the YouTube release.

WeAreLegion1503d ago

Thanks for the disagrees... Chris Hardwick is a complete tool.

robotgargoyle1503d ago

IMO I found him quite hilarious on Web Soup on G4. Wish Xplay and Attack of the Show were still continuing with new content. NBC bought them, they should bring back all that plus all week e3 coverage in June. Spike really dropped the ball with only a few hours if coverage.


Talk about perfect timing! That's going to be great exposure to millions of people who never seen or heard of DR3. Should boost sales slightly if MS demo's the game right.

Khajiit861503d ago

Im sick of them. They dont even scare me a ymore now its just "oh another zombie....... let me blow his face off." We need vampires and warewolves now.

Mustang300C20121503d ago

Then go watch Vampire diaries like my daughter does. Plenty of that going on.

SignifiedSix911503d ago

That's because there are barely any developers who know how to do horror now days. Hopefully The Evil Within will change that. But you also have Outlast, Amnesia and some other games with the same style.

I know they don't have zombies, but i bet they'll still scare your pants off!

mhunterjr1503d ago

We're zombie's ever 'scary'? All zombie movies end up being about the human character during an outbreak. Zombies are more of a plot device than the enemy in that sense...

Khajiit861502d ago

Damn why all the disagrees. I mean I grew up with resident evil. Resident evil 2 is still one of my top games of all time. Liked dead rising 1, and left 4 deads creepiest part was the witch not any zombie. Resident evil lost its horror tag. Dead rising looks more and more like a comedy.

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