Today in Gaming History: October 13th, 1999 - Thousand Arms Charms North American Gamers on PSOne

Triverse writes, "Thousand Arms is a role playing/dating sim that charmed its way onto the North American shores on October 13th, 1999. Thousand Arms is recognized as the first legitimate dating sim to break into the mainstream gaming market in North America. Mixing dating simulation with role playing trappings was probably the best combination of both worlds."

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Juste_Belmont1742d ago

Great game, and it's hilarious too.

Chaos_Raiden1742d ago

This game perhaps one of my favourite RPGs ever. I really hope that Atlus will make a sequel or an RPG game based on it on current-generation consoles.

1742d ago
Godmars2901742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Still have my copy - with the stickers. I think.

Yep. Sticker and that 3D card thingy.

izumo_lee1742d ago

Oh high 5! I also still have the sticker & 3d card though i did use one of the stickers for one of my memory cards. Did you get the soundtrack & multimedia CD as well? Who was your fave girl? Mine for odd reason was Mil.

Anyways Thousand Arms was a hidden gem for the PSone with some hilarious writing & was a pretty good dating sim. The game was also really good for its time. Music was awesome!

That theme song is addictive.

tubers1742d ago

I love this game! :) The dating was hilarious.

I was bummed that I lost disc 2 years ago back in gradeschool :P