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"Beyond: Two Souls is bad at telling stories."

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CaptainYesterday1623d ago

It does not deserve a 2 but everyone has different tastes so I gotta respect that, I'm really enjoying this game.

crxss1623d ago

if you haven't finished it then of course you wouldn't think it deserves a 2. give it time, you'll see the light.

BattleAxe1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

I haven't played this game yet, but there are websites that are actually known, as opposed to websites like this which are unknown, which have given this game really great scores.

I did a bit of digging, and this website gave The Last of Us a 3/5. These guys must be struggling for hits.

Edit #2:
They also gave God of War: Ascension a 3/5

BattleAxe1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

In fact, here's a real review for Beyond Two Souls:

theRell1623d ago

You could say that known sites have given the game not so great scores as well.

BattleAxe1623d ago


True, but you have to scroll down through the first 43 good reviews to get to the poor reviews.

uncharted561623d ago

I found the story brilliant. The game had me emotionally attached and when Ryan and Cole got hurt cuz I screwed up in my game I was so torn up that I went back and played the stages over to get a good ending. Yes the game has almost no real gameplay which hurts it along with most choices either not mattering or affecting the story the way it did in heavy rain but nonethless this game had a very good story which is something u cant say for some movies.

hulk_bash19871623d ago


No sir, I've bought and finished the game and I can easily say that it is not a 2/5 game. It is a great experience and one I will play through on more than one occasion. 5/5 for me, I loved every minute of it. But you are entitled to your opinion, I just hope you are speaking from experience and not blind fanboyism.

showtimefolks1623d ago


did you even play the game? this game is easily an 8 if not 9/10

but right now its cool to hate on B2S because so many others are doing it, don't cry when all we get are sequels because when someone tries something new we shoot it down and never let it get a fair chance

DiRtY1623d ago

I love how the possibility that the game is just bad, is not even an option for some of you.

It gets a bad review = He did not "get" the game.
It gets a good review = Nice review!

This game is a 7/10 at metacritic for a reason. No David Cage game did extremely well on meta and saleswise so far. Sony fans love to overhype his games though.

trouble_bubble1623d ago

Now you're talkin #*%x. No david cage game did well on metacritic?! Heavy rain did a fantastic 87/100 with over a hundred reviews. It also sold a few million and won a couple prestigious awards along the way like from bafta. I love how the possibility that he's had success is not even an option for you

crxss1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

yes everyone I've played it and have beaten it, multiple times. story is mediocre @ best. for a game all about choices they have very little to no effect on the game. choices you make have zero impact in future dialogue or gameplay on other levels and and only effect that specific level you're on (ending it early, in the middle, or finishing it) and the ending (whether you see someone alive or dead). The chapters are also a huge mess, one chapter you're hating Ryan and the next you're madly in love with him and can't wait for your date. Jodie's not the only bipolar character either, Aiden can go from being really cool to crazy jealous. The game goes all over the place.

If you guys really think this game is good I feel sorry for you. Or you have really low standards in which case I'm envious because everything must be good to you. Go play tlou, bioshock infinite, or gta v if you're interested in seeing what a good game looks like.

Giving it a 2 might be harsh but it deserves no more than a 3

hulk_bash19871623d ago

Don't feel sorry for me, I'm enjoying myself with all the games that I find fun. That includes Beyond and alot of other games.

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Campy da Camper1623d ago

To each their own. Just beat the game and I could not think of a better game for what is probably my last ps3 game I'll ever play. I loved the story and the graphics were mind blowing. The facial animations is what LA Noir thought they had but in reality fell short. Willhem did great as did the main protagonist. Great plot twists and a satisfying ending. What more can you want unless is more pew pew pew?

Navajo was hands down my favorite level. What a masterpiece.

Section81623d ago

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the story telling in this game.

Thatguy-3101623d ago

I think the story telling could have been handled a lot better. The way the narrative is told is what kind of kills the immersion of it. However just finished it and I honestly loved how it ended. Something about it was beautifully done. It's weird because I really bonded with Jodie and specially Aiden. The presentation of the game is truly amazing. I honestly can't wait to see what Quantic Dream brings to the ps4.

_QQ_1623d ago

yup nothing wrong with 3 minutes of pressing circle to take a smoke of weed.

Section81621d ago

You even feel peer pressure in a video game?

josephayal1623d ago

This is a interactive movie , stuff like that should be $9.99

porkChop1623d ago

Most movies are $19.99 or more, so how would adding interactivity, increasing the length by 5x, and adding a branching story-line with multiple endings somehow lower the value? I could have understood your point better if you were arguing for around $40. But $10 is ridiculous, that's just being cheap.

AusRogo1623d ago

Maybe if it was only 1 or 2 hours long.. Beyond is alot longer then that.

HammadTheBeast1623d ago

So is CoD, that sells for $60.

JackVagina1623d ago

If the story wasn't jumbled then it would have an ever SLOWER beginning then heavy rain did (witch reviews heavily marked it as a flaw) I mean what? you wanna play as kid Jodie for 2 hours straight?

AusRogo1623d ago

Exactly! I actually dont like playing as kid Jodie at all but I can deal with it in small doses.

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