Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Version Exclusives

Now that the both Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are now available in stores, it’s time to decide which version to buy.

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-Foxtrot1802d ago

How come Pokemon X gets the short end of the stick....14 exclusives compared to Pokemon Y's 16.

I really hope Pokemon Z is announced early next year

Mystogan1802d ago

You could argue that Charizard X is all worth it :D

-Foxtrot1802d ago

I suppose but they could of just balanced it out fairley...15 exclusive Pokemon each

TekoIie1802d ago

They actually have the same amount of version exclusives. This list just chose to only list the ones you can catch and not include their evolutions.

This is the complete list:

1802d ago
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1802d ago

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thehobbyist1801d ago

Well if you factor in the fact that Charizard X is superior to Charizard Y and the fact that Xerneas is a fairy-type which is a big deal as it's the first legendary of this type then I'd say it's even. But damn I want that Tyranitar.

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