XVox - Episode 15: It's Gonna Be Fun On A Bun!


Jason, Dustin, Daniel and Micheal

Show Notes:

* Microsoft moves to calm fear over Xbox One advertising
* Major Nelson will suggest reviving Futurama as Xbox exclusive
* Microsoft's Phil Spencer Talks Xbox One: Cross-Platform, Indies, Subscriptions and Much More
* Microsoft: The Best Xbox One Gaming Experience Will Be Over IPv6 - Youtube Video
* Respawn: We’re staying independent, no purchase by EA or anyone else in ‘near future’
* Dead Rising 3 is a co-op paradise packed with Kinect-enabled taunts, anatomically correct gore
* Kinect Sports Rivals could be Xbox One's Mario Kart, says Rare - lots of free DLC planned
* Killer Instinct will receive balance updates without patching
* Battlefield 4: Second Assault will be available on Xbox One at launch
* Xbox One retail box designs
* DSight Impression on Xbox One Area Event
* What we've been playing: Civ V, Total War, Mass Effect and Spelunky

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FrigidDARKNESS1736d ago

Nice info on x1 ipv6 . The xbox one tour is very successful you guys should cover that..

christocolus1736d ago

yeah frigid it seems it is...wasnt expecting this much feedback and interest from fans...its like a mini game expo constantly on the move.....nice one ms