Battlefield 4 Beta Bug Turns ‘Siege of Shanghai’ Into An Underwater City

DSOGaming writes: "Our reader ‘Ghost Rider LSOV’ shared with us a hilarious bug from Battlefield 4′s beta that turned the Siege of Shanghai map into an underwater city."


Embed has been enabled, can a mod replace the video?

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john21523d ago

Yeap. Video could not be embedded. Correct video is in the article.

badz1491523d ago

BF4 goes to Rapture? hint for DLC, maybe?

Eonjay1523d ago

Yeah but this video would have had me pissed lol.

Legion211523d ago

Yeah most randoms I've played with don't understand that killing isn't the objective in every game.

SilentNegotiator1522d ago


I hate that. The people that only care about getting headshots with a rifle should stick to modes that are about kills.

Dante811523d ago

I like being Recon and helping out a good pilot.

kB01523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

I was going to say lol

actual video

Funantic11523d ago

This glitch-bug infested game sucks.

iamgoatman1523d ago

It's a beta. Say it with me, BETA.

Tru_Blu1523d ago

It's a server test, the game for the most part will be just like what is out now.

Feralkitsune1522d ago

TBH I've not even seen many glitches.

bumnut1523d ago

Funny, but im more concerned with the performance hogging bugs that make it run like crap!

SlapHappyJesus1523d ago

Pretty much.
I am normally getting around half the performance I do with BF3.
I am guessing that performance will be better at release and I am hoping Nvidia does well with drivers early on.

bumnut1523d ago

I don't even get 100% GPU usage from my 780. Fingers crossed for an improved driver before release day.

BF4 beta drops to around 35 FPS in places which is too low for me.

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