Superconductor breakthroughs abound: some like it hot

Normally, big discoveries in a given field come at the rate of a few a year, if that. However, the past six weeks have seen not one, but a series of announcements that may change the face of superconductivity research. Starting with a publication in the February 23rd edition of the Journal of the American Chemical Society, and ending with three separate announcements from various Chinese research groups, these last few weeks have given us the description of a previously unknown class of high temperature superconductors.

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Lionel Hutz3863d ago

Superconductivity at 43K? Hovering trains here we come!

Bullseye3863d ago

The idea of something for nothing ain't gonna sit well with everyone! Imagine your supply bill for NOT using more electricity! 'No thanks supplier', i'll just keep using what i already have:) Interesting stuff, though