Five PS3 Exclusives Likely to be Ported to PS4

Push Square: "There's no doubt that the PlayStation 3 is enjoying the greatest year of its life. Sony’s ageing black behemoth may be about to be replaced by a leaner and meaner model, but the current generation console’s going out with a bang. Indeed, while other platform holder’s have arguably stood still, the Japanese giant’s managed to provide a steady stream of blockbuster content in the months leading up to the PlayStation 4. But could the manufacturer’s ongoing investment into its existing machine provide a distinct advantage moving forwards?"

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majiebeast1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Lastofus 1080P 60FPS GOTY edition. I can also see Dark Souls II getting a port 6 months after ps3/360 release.

get2sammyb1656d ago

Yeah, that actually sounds very reasonable.

PoSTedUP1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

there are many reasons why i think gt6 will Not come to ps4.

the franchise is a system seller; sony doesnt need it at the moment. they will use gt7 in a few years to sell ps4's.

people are buying it on ps3, the whole fanbase is, because it is said that its not going to ps4. (it would have a split effect if they said it was going to ps4, but they said No so it will have little effect if it did).

they dont want a split effect, they want the whole system selling Beast to be unleashed when they need it, plus PD will already have so much work to do on GT7 with it being harder this generation, they wont have the time to do that to benifit so little for doing a lot of work porting it over.

^its such a huge, long, pain-staking game that GT fans will most likely not buy it again just for better graphics; everything they worked so hard for will stay on the ps3, imo.

sorry for the rant, guys!!

Zuperman1655d ago

PS3 Collection Volume 1

-Gran Turismo 6


KUV19771656d ago

I'd totally buy TLoU again.

Ezz20131656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

TLOU remasterd on ps4 ?!

*through money on screen*

Kingthrash3601656d ago

same here cept i taped a 20$ & 50$ psn card on the bottom left corner of my sony bravia. wrote ps4tlou on them with a sharpe and they will sit there until it happens.

Run_bare1655d ago

Do you think all the PSN games I bought on the PS3 will automatically ported to PS4?

I love Journey, but I already pay for that on PSN for PS3?

Kirnisorey1655d ago

Through gaikai pretty much all ps3 games will be playable on ps4 and vita

sigfredod1655d ago

Didn't kaz already say that GT7 will be on ps4 on an interview?, i don't think gt6 will comme to ps4

Goro1654d ago

Ratchet & Clank Into The Nexus

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