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Analog Addiction writes:

"So there I was: about to enter a cave when I noticed a message on the ground. The inscription read “Listen Carefully,” so – naturally – I stepped inside the unknown rock shelter with the speed of a snail. Unfortunately, as I was too busy keeping my ears open to any kind of noise, an unexpected blow came from behind. The outcome? “YOU DIED.”"

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mattdillahunty1618d ago

"That’s right, folks: the sequel to one of the hardest games of this generation – if not THE hardest one –"

you have got to be kidding me.

admiralvic1618d ago

I really wish people had a better terms for Demon / Dark Souls than difficult. The game just forces you to think before you do and learn from your mistakes. It's actually pretty fair if you can do both of those. Now when you compare it to a hard game like Ninja Gaiden, you can know exactly what is going to happen, how its going to happen and still die 20 times.

mattdillahunty1618d ago

i've always referred to the Souls games as punishing. as long as you're patient and observant, it's generally reasonable to get by without dying or making serious mistakes. but if you DO make a mistake, or are impatient or unobservant, then the game punishes you for it.

make two huge mistakes in a row (dying), then you might lose a bunch of progress (souls). so you get punished. but again, it's not too difficult to avoid this.

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grassyknoll1618d ago

I had a go on the beta test yesterday. The game pace is a little slower, but your timings have to be exact now. Enemies are also extremely aggressive.

thejigisup1618d ago

Haven't had the pleasure of playing demon or dark souls I may be picking this one up, will see how things go, deep down may fill that console dungeon crawler fort me

Roccetarius1618d ago

Demon / Dark Souls games are more fair than anything, as previously said. Only the impatient gamers will rage at this game, because it promotes caution.

OmegaShen1618d ago

Its harder then the others because of the bugs, I'm beta testing for the US.

So far problems I have came across is: When attack with enemy target, sometimes your character swings somewhere else and not at the enemy. Another think I can tell is stamina drains fast even if your character isn't wearing armor (it happens more then the other problem). Summoning people seems to fail way to fast (its almost like it didn't even try to).

Besides those, the game is pretty good and I how they change the states to words of what they are then icons.

monkey6021618d ago

I think that the missing swing is only because I had the analogue stick pushed in that direction. Like they removed that little strafe or something. I found absolutely no bugs in the beta but I really did find it a bit easy. I was really hoping for some challenge in the first boss but he went down without me losing a life. I don't know if it's because I used my old tactics like forcing enemies off cliffs and putting object between me and enemies while healing but I found it a bit of a walk through. With the exception of those dark knight mothers* with whips. Didn't hurt I started in the lvl 30s either I suppose

OmegaShen1618d ago

I'm lv40 some, I had skeletons someone how hit me through a wall and some hitting through my shield like I wasn't block.

I killed the boss, as for the swing and miss. Yeah I even try it without having my finger on the other anlong and my character just kept on doing it. Sometimes online with other players I seen enemy's lag or some don't show up but some how your teammate kills them.

monkey6021618d ago

I couldnt get anyone to join me but everytime i found a summon sign they had already been summoned. The sheild thing i noticed a bit but mostly when i tried to block late. I did notice enemies get in a string of attacks at me here and there but not doing much to my health

rjguess1618d ago

Man I am depressed. I've been remodeling my kitchen the past week and yesterday I finally get to turn on my ps3! I see this message. It says you have been selected for Dark Souls 2 beta! The date was 10/9/13. My heart sunk when my key code they gave me had already been used! Man!! Can't wait for this game!!!

darren_poolies1618d ago

I was at work the night of the beta, so disappointed I didn't get to play it :(

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