'Tales of Xillia' Has Sold Over 1 Million Copies

8CN: Today at NYCC, Namco Bandai revealed that their PS3 game Tales of Xillia has sold over one million copies. Roughly 770,000 of those games have been sold in Japan, while the remaining 230,000 were sold in the US and Europe.

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Relientk771809d ago

Glad to hear it, game definitely deserves it

long live JRPGs

SynGamer1809d ago

If only we could get some Tales games on the PS Vita fo tales on the go...

1809d ago
3-4-51809d ago

That is a really good number for an RPG. With numbers like that, we shouldn't be worried about them coming over to NA.

Hicken1809d ago

My collector's edition is one of that million. In fact, I was plying it not too long ago, trying to get all my characters and vendors up to 100 is a tough task, but I'm equal to it. At this rate, though, I'll never get around to finishing my Jude playthrough.

Can't wait for ToX2.

maniacmayhem1809d ago

They should try and release the Japanese version of Tales of Vesperia with all that extra added content to the west.

Hicken1809d ago

One can only hope. Seems a bit late, though.

Jubez1871809d ago

If you want to you, when you beat your Milla playthrough you can carry the shop levels/character levels (I THINK CHARACTER LEVELS) to your Jude playthrough. I recommend getting through it cause you'll learn a lot about the story!

Hicken1809d ago

Yeah, I started a New Game+, but I keep going back to do end of game stuff, like the extra dungeon, and the Coliseum.

I like getting the extra story from Jude's side. But my grade wasn't high enough to transfer everything over, so I keep getting drawn back to my Milla playthrough.

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Game4life1809d ago

Thats good. Can i get some more tales now?

Game4life1809d ago

While I will buy both, I want a new mothership title. Something that makes vesperia look bad in comparison because as of right now vesperia is the best one hands down in my opinion. the others are really good but not that amazing like vesperia was. :(

Infernostew1808d ago

The recent trademarks for Tales of Zestiria may point to a new mothership title coming soon. I'm willing to bet we'll see an announcement pop up in Famitsu sometime next year or at some kind of event.

tiffac0081809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Well deserve, now hopefully they will localize more titles. So we can continue to support the franchise even more.

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The story is too old to be commented.