Here’s How the PlayStation 4 Could Look in 24 Beautiful Colors

Sony Computer Entertainment is releasing the DualShock 4 in two alternate colors, Magma Red and Wave Blue, but for now the console itself is being sold only in its original black. Despite that, a few weeks ago Senior Vice president and Director of Business Unit 1 Masayasu Ito said that the Ps4 has been designed keeping the possibility of releasing different colors in mind.

Here is how the console could look in 24 beautiful colors. Of course bear in mind that none of the pictures included are official. It's just a simulation.


25 colors actually, had to add one the lack of which was an unacceptable oversight :D

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DarkBlood1715d ago

why do you do this to me lol.

Abriael1715d ago

Did you cancel your preorder waiting for one of those colors? :P

DarkBlood1715d ago

No I didnt Cancel my preorder lol, i love the red one though, may get that one as a second console later, not a year later maybe 2 years later :P

but that red controller definitly will get that even though im the only person thats going to touch my ps4 which would make it silly other then collecting purposes.

Oldman1001715d ago

Hey man if it's not too much to ask, could you also make a PS1 classic grey variation? :D

Please and thank you!

Abriael1715d ago

@Oldman100: done and added, I also had to add a little detail to that one, see if you can spot it :D

ABizzel11715d ago

[email protected]$$

This may be the first time I love the different colors over the original design.

Blue -> Sexy
Red -> Sexy
Silver -> Sexy
Red Drive Club -> [email protected]$$
FF15 -> [email protected]$$
inFamous -> [email protected]$$

All of them are [email protected]$$

Oldman1001715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

Haha that looks wicked! The colored logo is an awesome touch. Great job man!

You should tweet it to Yoshida!

sinjonezp1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

I must admit I would cancel my two pre orders for the blue one and that drive club red is so sexy. Man!

Abriael1715d ago

@Oldman100: Haha, nice job catching the colored logo :D And yeah, I did tweet it.

aaron58291715d ago

a midnight blue would be so sexy... ;)

HardcoreGamer211715d ago

will the new ps vita hd model play ps4 games in hd ?
(like AC4 ps vita demo)

nukeitall1715d ago

yellow driveclub and infamous son is awesome!

Not a huge fan of either game though. That said, Haze would totally be befitting as well.

Again, love the yellow design with the white undertone.

FamilyGuy1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

That classic PS1 grey with the classic logo is straight up O.G.

I'm pretty much in love with the red DriveClub version and FFXV. I'm gonna save that pic (red driveclub), create a stencil/decal and spray paint my PS4 to match it. It looks so perfect.

Lamborghini Yellow looks pretty damn good too and that super dark navy blue color was a nice surprise.

A velvet or candy paint red would look amazing too. Think about it.

Also, do this nintendo a better version of this one!
Your Photoshop skills are better than any of the others I've seen people post so far.

razor761715d ago

You should do a carbon fiber one that would kick a--!

The_Con-Sept1714d ago

Heh. I want to get a spoiler on my PS4 hahahahahahaa! Chrome out the spoiler and get the red PS4. Chrome and red controller too.

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showtimefolks1715d ago

2 yellow's
1 green

damn now i don't want plain black lol, you spoiled me

Bzone241715d ago

Wonder if this article will stay approved when a Xbox One article featuring it in different colors failed?

Back-to-Back1715d ago

ill take the white ps4 as long as they remove the black strip and make it completely white, otherwise I prefer the all black ps4.

ATi_Elite1715d ago

Ah come on! Where the hell is the God of War version?

PS4 sprayed Red and Black face paint color with Kratos mean mug plastered on it with the God of war logo all over the controller now THAT would be [email protected]$$!

I like how MGSV made use of the front plate also

1715d ago
lilbrat231715d ago

You could also use skins and if done right could look real nice.

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Viking_Socrates1715d ago

I would buy all of them, honestly I think everybody probably would if they could.

buynit1715d ago

I would just buy the cases and change it when ever i want.

I like the army green i like what final fantasy did on the piano black part.

_QQ_1715d ago

meh i'll stick with original black unless we get a Last Guardian one by the time i get a PS4.

Dante811715d ago

I want a white Dualshock 4 pronto!

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