‘Battlefield 4’ exclusive pre-order bonus revealed by Amazon

Amazon has added a new exclusive pre-order DLC, along with store credits, for the upcoming “Battlefield 4.”

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Goro1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

A Battlepack is just the Battlefield equivalent to a FIFA UT Pack.
Stupid Microtransactions...

TekoIie1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

They also up'd the price by £5 in the UK since I last checked...

which was last month -_-

KwietStorm1801d ago

I don't know what a UT pack is in FIFA, but Battlepacks don't cost anything, unless there's an option to buy them that I hadn't heard of. That's the only reason I could think you would say microtransactions.

MWong1801d ago

They previously offered a gold battlepack option for a limited time. Glad to see more people will be able to get it too.

1801d ago
Soldierone1801d ago

So lame, only PS3 and 360 versions get the 10 dollars off. Why not Ps4?

TheFutureIsBlue1801d ago

That is kind of stupid. I wonder why they aren't doing that? I need all the money I can get after buying this and a ps4, haha.

STICKzophrenic1801d ago

Buy the PS3 or 360 version and get the $10 off, then use the upgrade to next-gen and only pay $10. Bam, even trade off.

Soldierone1801d ago

I got stuck with the BF4 PS4 bundle just to get a PS4 on launch, otherwise thats a good idea.

VENOMACR12271801d ago

Good idea


Pre-order the 360/PS3 version (to get the $10 credit) and pre-order the PS4/X1 version. When you get both in the mail, go to Gamestop or Walmart, say you got it as a present and return the PS3/360 version and pick something else out. A lot of work but at least you get the $10 credit for a future purchase

stavrami1801d ago

shopto are apparently doing a pre-order bonus .tell ur friend on a live feed that shopto are sh1t and ur gonna order ur games from amazon and bazzzzzzzzzzing u get a free game

TheFutureIsBlue1801d ago

Maybe a new system too, lol.

Pillsbury11801d ago

Does anyone are they still giving 10$ credit on amazon u.s.?