Survarium hands-on: the free-to-play shooter with a survivalist streak | PCGamer

PCG - "When Vostok Games’ community manager Joe Mullin describes existence in Survarium as being “like Bear Grylls, but with a gun,” I can’t help but think he’s severely overestimated the TV survivalist’s abilities. Bear Grylls has never killed a man for a bottle of vodka to stave off radiation poisoning, for example. Bear Grylls has never waited for sunrise to loot an abandoned radar tower, fearing mutant infestation."

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Bdxxacjkfs1809d ago

I want this game for NOW!

1809d ago
NarooN1809d ago

Ah...the spiritual successor to STALKER. I still hope STALKER 2 gets made some day.

ATi_Elite1809d ago

Yeh me too and about a million other FAITHFUL STALKERS!

But ONly if it remains true to the series. I don't want garbage I'm willing to wait a Half Life for a quality game. Pun intended!

AnotherProGamer1808d ago

They said if this game is successful enough they will make STALKER 2

I hope this game is successful but it needs more media coverage so more people know about it

ATi_Elite1809d ago

"The high damage values of Survarium’s guns place it closer to Red Orchestra than Battlefield"

That's EXACTLY how it should be! Stalker/Survarium is NOT DisneyLand and a run and gun game. you gotta think before you take EVERY step or you DIE.

Proper Weapon load-out because NATO rounds and 7.62x39
rounds are not in the same areas,
How fast will my armor/weapons degrade in the swamp area,
can I survive this anomaly with my current equipment,
do I go MAX radiation or Max Armor,
do i have enough supplies,
I need to be cautious about weight so i can run faster/further if animals are present,
do i have proper night gear,
do i even DARE venture out at night PERIOD,
which faction to help or hurt,
is a sniper on that roof,
is a Controller in that underground lair,
where is the closest shelter in case of a blow-out,
do i have enough cash to get my guns fixed,
which weapons/suit mods to buy,
do I trust this guy giving me info on a side quest because he might be setting me up, etc..

This and much much more is why STALKER is my all time favorite series. There is nothing like this FPS/RPG out there PERIOD.

I hope Vostok Games gets it right. Survarium needs to remain very Strategic and have Red orchestra like ballistics and shot damage.

If you got armor then yeh you can take a few rounds but your armor is gonna degrade and be worthless after a few firefights so getting the jump on your targets is a must so you don't take damage and risk mucking up your weapon or worst bleeding all over the place for the PSEUDO DOGS or others to track you down by.

Nothing better than following a trail of blood to find the enemy with his back turned applying bandages, BOOM HEAD shot!

That's life in the ZONE! That's STALKER and hopefully Survarium.