WWF Smackdown Just Bring It Review- Rebel Gaming

Rebel Gaming looks at the first WWF game on the PS2, and the final main series game under the WWF banner.

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Ezz20131805d ago

awesome game and here come the pain was almost the perfect wrestling game

1805d ago
Vandamme211805d ago

This game, shut your mouth, and here comes the pain where the best wresling games on ps2.

KonsoruMasuta1805d ago

Those were the best wrestling games period!

Ezz20131805d ago

try best wrestling games of all time

roadkillers1805d ago

I enjoyed Smackdown Vs. Raw (the first) even though it brought a different tone to the series. The competition between the brands in story mode was great, I was one of the few who enjoyed the invasion angle.

PSWiiKing1805d ago

For y'all who are using those Game Saves from GameFAQs, prepare to lose more than half of your Memory Card's Memory. 4,000+ of memory.

pop-voxuli1805d ago

This game was good, but when you start talking about "Best WWF/E of all time" It begins and ends with WWF No Mercy for the N64. Sweet merciful shit, I still play that game to this day.

1805d ago