Gamespot Review: Takedown: Red Sabre

Takedown: Red Sabre should be taken down from the Steam servers where it is currently being sold for $14.99. This alleged tactical shooter from developer Serellan is unfinished and broken, with playability problems everywhere you look. Idiotic enemy AI, hilariously busted rag-doll animations, crippled multiplayer, absurd single-player difficulty, and some bugs make the game nearly impossible to play, let alone enjoy.

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BattleAxe1742d ago

This project was a complete failure. I feel bad for the Kickstarter supporters. I was interested in this game, but decided to see what the end product was going to be first, and now I'm glad that I didn't contribute.

On the other hand, I'm an H-Hour Kickstarter supporter, and I really hope that SOF Studios learns whatever they can from Serellan LLC's mistakes.

I think where SOF Studios has an advantage, is that they aren't basing their game around a co-op experience, and so therefore they don't have to worry about creating sophisticated A.I., which allows the studio to concentrate their efforts on level design, player movements, character models, clan features and ballistics.

kwyjibo1742d ago

This project has been a complete joke.

Had they released this as Early Access, it would have allowed the team to carry on with bugfixing while fostering a community.

By claiming that the game is "done", when it clearly isn't, it gets sent out to all the review outlets, gets completely panned, and has no chance of building a community at all.

hiredhelp1742d ago

As a supporter i can say the reason why the game is like it is due to the publishers rushing game before time. Fortunatly the devs still committed to the game constantly each week sending out patches.

1742d ago