Top Ten Reasons to Buy Call of Duty: Ghosts

GameNTrain Author Ryan Elliot Writes: A lot of people out there are beginning to hop off the Call of Duty bandwagon at the first available Gamestop. They argue that the last two CoD games have not lived up to their expectations and that the whole series is getting bland. The usual argument is how much better Battlefield 4 will be with its high-tech graphics and its other realistic capabilities. The truth is, why can you not like both games and series? Why does there always have to be a battle between Call of Duty vs other FPS games? I am here to tell you why you need to buy this next Call of Duty, even if you believe you have “made up your mind.” People just love to hate this game, even before it is released.

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Agent11808d ago

I have ZERO reason's why I "wouldn't" buy Call of Duty: Ghosts!

shivvy241808d ago

After playing BF4 beta , im not gonna bother looking at cod

Agent11808d ago

Well I just love FPS in general. I don't want miss out on any of the experience that is going to be offered next gen.

1808d ago
JimmyLmao1808d ago

really? i'm kind of in the opposite boat...

after playing BF4 Beta, i am definitely getting CoD: Ghosts.

although BF4 would be my 2nd FPS, followed by Killzone SF

caperjim1807d ago

Im the opposite. After playing the BF4 beta it just reassured me that COD ghosts and the new Killzone will be my shooters this holiday. I will still pick up BF4 at launch or close to it.

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Lubu1808d ago

My PS4 launch lineup is going to be full of shooters. Killzone, COD, and Battlefield. There is room for all of them.

TheSsus1808d ago

Blacklight Retribution looks good as well and its free to play. Hopefully shooter won't saturate the market next gen.

guitarded771808d ago

Blacklight is one of the reasons I'm skipping CoD at the PS4 launch. It's a faster paced shooter unlike Killzone and Battlefield, and I didn't want to come out buying all shooters on day one, so I took the CoD money and pre-ordered Watch Dogs since Blacklight is free2play. I'll pick up Ghosts later when it's on sale or something.

Beastforlifenoob1808d ago

Buying all avoiding fanboys and enjoy each game for their respective strengths and weaknesses.

obelix011808d ago

Maybe just maybe COD will be good this year. There are new consoles coming out. There are some interesting MP game modes & customization seems cool. Single player is usually good. Battlefield looks amazing & this will be the last cod many people will buy if there's absolutely no effort. We will see.

InTheLab1808d ago

And 2 reasons to skip it are quick skoping and lag.

xHoii1808d ago

Tut tut tut, seems you'er here for a feww agrees, well lag is gone as theres dedicated servers on all consoles and quick scoping is gone, IW confirmed it, don't believe me then look up some gameplay.
Seriously tho, do some research before you talk crap about a game..
Oh and yeah I am a die hard fan of the series, but then again am a die hard fan of any FPS.

TheSsus1808d ago

Dedicated servers =/= lag free. And IW/Treyarch netcode is trash, so don't expect perfection, it IS CoD.

As for QS'ing, it may be gone, but rest assured, there'll be another broken mechanic for people to exploit and ruin the game (just like every CoD since CoD4). The phrase too little too late come to mind...

xHoii1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

do you even know which of those two are developing the game lol..You do know you sound stupid don't you? First of all how would you know about 'treyarchs' netcode? And most importantly it's not even treyarch who are making ghosts, go ahead and say it was a mistake and you meant infintyward but it's clear your another hater..
Oh and sure there will be other problems, just like every other game. Nothing is perfect. Just take it and stop visiting cod articles seriously, your opnion and your attacks at fans of the series will not do anything... Mr treyarch

FITgamer1808d ago

Because you suck at Battle Field?

xHoii1808d ago

Really? Ive clocked in about 200 hourson bf3 but iI play black ops 2 more, league play mostly where only 5000 out of 200000 online play, it's very competitive, espically if you are a platinum or a master, all you run across are old gamers 25-30, serious gamers, I can't tell you how much I get pumped, and for that fast paced action I go to COD, you think cod is repetitive and Activision is just milking it for money? Well until another game gives me the same feeling I won't move on.. ohh back to my point, I play cod way more than bf3.. so I must be shit at bf? Lol top 1000, psn is xhoii

mxrider21991808d ago

lols you think league play is competitive? im rank 2 master and it is far from competitive every rank 1 i have played is terrible there are few decent players in league play and everyone floods everyones routers to win now bc they are bad at a game that is very easy to be good at

_QQ_1808d ago

LOL competitive??. you want a competitive MOBA hop on DOTA2, but if you wan't the most competitive experience you can get in gaming start playing SC2.

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