Simon Says: Why I'm Buying a Next-Gen Console Day One

GameNTrain Author Simon Marshal Writes: Over the past few days, I’ve read several articles by gamers stating why they aren’t going to buy a next generation console on launch day. I can understand why many people do wish to stay on the current generation consoles a little longer, but not me. The Xbox 360 and PS3 console cycle has been in existence for the past 8 years and I believe that the time has come for a change in technology. The 360 and PS3 era of gaming has been so definitive that it may go down as one of the most important era’s in gaming. With that being said, I believe that all good things have to evolve in order to progress and I firmly believe that the next generation cannot come quickly enough.

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UbiquitousClam1809d ago

Im buying a Xbox one on day one and im going to have lots of fun with it on day one, and I will probably get disagrees for saying this because I called it xbox one and not xbone and becasue I didnt mention teh powa of teh cloudz, and the pople disagreeing will probably be getting a PS4 on day one, and will be having lots of fun on there PS4 on day one.

So why are people fighting all the time over which consoles people are going to be buying, is it because deep down there mad that people are going to be having fun wrong? Because there going to be having fun differently to them? Or is it maybe because there so insecure and so worried about feeling buyers remorse that they will attempt to put down and mock all of systems, whichever systems they might be to desperately try and justify there own purchase to themselves. Not to anyone else but them selves.

The more I think about this the more silly all the "fanboy" arguments look

Daum1809d ago

Have fun with your webcam.

Hufandpuf1809d ago

Have fun with your tinfoil.

sinjonezp1809d ago

Buy day one. Sell day two. Make a Profit. Buy again when content I really want comes along. Disagrees anyone? Lol

XB1_PS41809d ago

After that moderately inspiring comment, this is your reply? Good job you loser.

The_Con-Sept1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

I'm getting a PS4 on day one. I am not missing another console launch. But props to the Microsoft fan. Thumb him up. He just wants a new console. His post is no flame bait. His post is just about buying one of the new consoles day 1. And for everyone else holding out because of possible technical issues... Have fun watching us comment about how much time you wasted waiting. We are the front runners. We find issues and make them known. Because we are the ones who really want the best console. If not for us getting it day one and sending back debug fixes as complaints, then nothing would make the console more advanced. System updates come out left and right all the time. We are used to them.

So stop being "that guy" and just get it day one. Seriously all electronics die eventually. Wether it be 5 days or 50 years. All electronic devices eventually die out. And if you are scared about having something die on you before you feel like it has fulfilled it's purpose then I call that a waste. A waste of your time and mine. Because you can't take a chance like these console creators do.

I buy everything day 1 and so far only 1 died on me. My phone. if you spend too much time thinking about it failing then it will fail. Out of thought, not distraught.

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showtimefolks1809d ago

while i agree with what you said why can't i be excited that sony will be able to use the true power of ps4 and deliver some exclusives that will be only possible with those graphics on ps4?

and that's coming from someone who isn't buying any console at launch. right now ps4 excites me but who knows after launch maybe its the xbox one doing well and delivering so i will get that instead

i am not buying both because i don't have the time to play on 2 consoles

i am not excited because ps4 is more powerful, i am more excited because i know the possibilities that exist with ps4 and sony's 1st party studios

meatysausage1809d ago

But of course you can. I for one am the same, i have decided not to go wth the xbox for the time being and concentrate solely on the PS4.

Both are going to have some great stuff, and I wouldnt be fooled by some people opinions on here, get what you really want to buy

ATi_Elite1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

@ UbiquitousClam Bravo and Bubbles+ for well said

I'm glad to hear a XB1 fan stand up for their system. The fanboyism on this site is out of control and needs neutered.

Sure there are differences in the systems but we as Gamers are suppose to celebrate TEH GAMES but instead all we hear are insults about other hardware to the point that consolers are NOW sounding worse than Enthusiast PC Gamers with ALL the "Spec talk" you guys have been throwing around these last few months.

enough is enough lets just enjoy the games no matter the platform, Hell 90% of the games are on ALL 3 and look identical so lets end this madness and put pressure on Devs/pubs to make better bigger and larger games that push our platforms to the max.

spending time arguing over Gddr5 vs. TEH cloud vs. the death of PC Gaming will not get that done.

We went through this same CRAP Last Gen and what happened? We all played the same identical version of Call of Duty on everything that could run it (toasters included).

Let's not go through that again THIS Gen. Sure different hardware specs allow for different variable gameplay THUS that's what YOU guys should be arguing over for your system Exclusives.

PS4 = Games better be BIG FAST Graphically intense with smarter enemy A.I. in 1080p or ALL that GDDR5 TEH PS4 POWAH is a waste.

XB1 = Games better make GREAT and innovative uses of the TEH CLOUDZ and KINECT as well as system multitasking or all that Esram Blast Multi-Processing is a JOKE

PC = I need Ray Tracing like YESTERDAY! Need more Voxel and fully procedural Worlds two weeks ago. The tech and power is there so get it DONE or just stop with all the fastest GPU crap until Ray Tracing is doable.

Rageanitus1809d ago

fully agree with your statement.

I prefer PS systems more, but I do see why ppl prefer the xbox. But do ppl realize the ps2 was really not that powerful vs the orginal xbox. yet it still did well.

I remember the ps2 days, I was mainly a pc gamer just because I felt IMO it was better but no need to attack the other crowd.

redwin1809d ago

I remember the days of Nintendo and sega, then Sony came. Things started getting a lot more interesting. Now we have the box and there has been no better time because Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony bring their own strong points to the table and the other tries to emulate and then everyone wins. This is what gives way to progress, different companies doing different things. Good for you Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo users. Stand your ground and admire what the other is doing so your console do it better.

Eonjay1809d ago

People are fighting for many reasons. but mostly because its fun.

BBBirdistheWord1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Great Post, UbiquitousClam

It has just become ugly on this site with the fanboys.
Some of the worst one's are even justifying what happened back in 2006-2008 to hate - getting payback it seems is quite the thing to do for fanboys.

Some fanboys are calling out MS for their 180s and 'lies' while completely forgetting that Sony has been guilty of similar or worse actions.

How sad.

I am getting an xboxone as I am really excited by the mandatory inclusion of kinect2.0

Let's face it. I am an older gamer, having gamed for over thirty years. I am tired of the same old formula with some extra aa or slightly more pixels.

I want innovation.
While PS4 gave us more of what was good about PS3 (with more pixels) I am getting the Bone because it simply has more potential to change the landscape and make things more fun.

I was reading in another thread about the kinect's ability to listen to sounds in the room while you play a zombie game. If you are quiet, the zombies leave you alone. If you make a racket, the zombies come and get you.
How cool is that?
Instead of a few more pixels, I want more of that type of thing.

ABeastNamedTariq1809d ago

You're aware that the PS4 has it's own camera right?

I know it's not bundled or anything, but it has the same potential to do what you described. Both the Kinect and PS Camera got updates.

I'm not sweating your preference or anything, I'm just saying. Any "innovation" that could be done on XB1 could be done on PS4. You know? It would just require an additional purchase instead of having the convenience of being bundled in w/ the console.

Drewidian1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

@ABeastNamedTariq Hi Tariq, I'm not attacking you, but I wanted to respond to your comment since I'm a software developer and for the first time I'm considering developing for a game console. I've talked to several other people at work and they agree with me that the PS Eye just doesn't make economic sense to develop for as an independent or small shop developer.

Based on our perception of users who would want the PS Eye, if Sony is lucky, 1 in 20 or 5% of owners of PS4s will buy the PS Eye for PS4. Typically a really successful game may get 20 - 40% of the market to buy their game(most games sell to less than 10%). That would be 1-2% of the entire PS4 market. Those numbers just don't make it attractive for anyone to develop specific code for the PS Eye. In the last generation MS and Sony barely got any developers to make games specifically for either systems camera tech unless there was a specific partnership with either MS or Sony either paying for a large chunk of the development.

MS did the right thing with bundling the Kinect from our perspective because we as developers can target the entire market and those that may want to just try a game won't have to make the extra investment into buying a separate accessory just for that game with the hope that other titles will follow.

Unfortunately if you want to develop anything with motion capture and be innovative in your game, its only going to be the Xbox One where you can make your time investment and probably see a profit as I suspect very few of the PS4 owners will go back and get a PS Eye after their initial purchase.

I'm not trying to get into fanboy wars or start anything. I'm just giving you a developer's perspective.

Omegasyde1809d ago

I am going to be completely and utterly truthful.

I wont be getting a MS console for some time because of the policies they wanted to originally (keyword) implement. I also don't understand why people are thinking the kinnect is going to be wonderful and innovative.

Some people are quick to forget what MS tried to pull and then give them a free pass because they reversed it. They are trying to sell licenses (licenses) not games. If you look at how their PC software has evolved, you will notice a trend that looks exactly similar. MS originally stated you can share your games with anyone on your family list... how the $;$/& do they know is part of my family(wheres the check and balances?) Ms then states you can log in to your account with your buddy's xbox and play all your games! ....I can't do that now on a ps3?

All their original concepts were pure BS. Now 4 months later they talk about bs cloud features and having dedicated servers...which both MS and sony and third party published use today! Then comes put how kinect is going to make everything so much better? Sure the technology is improved, but how does it make my gaming session better?

Seriously how? Reading my facial expressions sounds useless and what if I am having a bad day and have a pissed off look? Shouting voice commands( which why cant I already if i have a headset).Will the game suddenly think It should tone down the difficulty? Will I have to smile when i play multiplayer in case another player complains about my behavior? What if i want to sit and not flail around but I have to get to the next level?

The one key thing MS did right was snap on, but its nothing a remote control or a TV with picture-in-picture can't already do...

Now if the Sony and MS's roles were revered on policies and how they are treating gamers, I'd get a Ms xbox1 day1 and say the hell with Sony. It seems that alot of soon to be xbox1 owners had a sudden memory lapse!

speed3891809d ago

have fun with ur new console... im buying a ps4 and i gave you an "agree"... my views towards Microsoft and the new kinect are why im getting a ps4. all the facts point towards Microsoft going to be very shady this new console generation... oh and i had 8 different experiences with rrod and wont ever buy another Microsoft piece of hardware

bumnut1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

8! Thought I was unlucky with 4!

speed3891809d ago

yeah man, seriously 8. and the most recent was 3 weeks ago. im not bothering to get it fixed ir replace it. im just waiting it out till I get my ps4

1809d ago
1809d ago
christocolus1809d ago


nice comment..not biased or fanboyish just your sincere opinion...we need more of this on with you bro.ride on..xbx one day one...


Getting both day one....can't...fucking...w ait!

Polysix1809d ago

It's not about the gamers it's our resentment of the Xbox Brand after what MS attempted to do to gamers and gaming worldwide in the name of $$$. Every pro Xboxer reminds us what absolute fuckers MS are, they only changed cos they HAD to not because they wanted to.

Xbox brand has done nothing positive for gaming since it's inception, other than improve online and make the others catch up. The rest has been buying out then destroying world class independent studios, money hatting exclusives, help in creating the new climate of DLC over 'full game for you money day one' BS, moving towards casual with kinect and forgetting to actually support their consoles with hardcore games when the fancy takes them.

On top of all that you have this gen, RROD knowingly released to the public in their millions (I bought a 360 before a PS3 and it RROD without any warranty or replacement as was before they admitted to it - £400 down the drain in just over a year!) I DO NOT TRUST them any longer, from RROD to the crap they attempted with Xbone, No i won't put up with being bent over, lied to and sold inferior hardware(as in build quality, reliability AND performance) for MORE money, with expensive proprietary add-ons and a bloody spy cam with a company linked to the NSA and who owns skype...

Lastly, none of their exclusive games interest me and all the third party games will look and feel inferior on Xbone vs PS4.

If that isn't enough valid reasons for you then you are the blinkered fanboys not us future PS4 owners.

SirBradders1809d ago

it's like my mate always says i would rather have 5 devices do one thing great then 1 device that does 5 things mediocre.

dethpuck1809d ago

Nothing positive really. Grow up. Putting out a fps that worked on console in halo. Introducing broadband console multiplayer. Party chat. Hard drive in a console. Downloadable content additions to console games.

Xbox has innovated quite a bit and before Sony in a lot of things.

Sony is great too. They made me forget a out Nintendo with the ps1 and then the ps2. I'm getting both consoles because of the amazing experiences both will have

TechMech21808d ago

There is no proof that ps4 third party games will look better than Xbox one games, Xbox live is adding many servers, and some people like Halo, so learn your facts you ignorant fanboy before spreading your opinion as fact.

ZHZ901809d ago

I gave an agree anyways I am getting PS4 day one by the well of God.

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colonel1791809d ago

i'mm going to purchase one until Killer Instinct is complete with much more characters and everything that made KI great in the first place. I always said that I would buy an Xbox if a Killer Instinct comes out. Sadly, and expected, MS ruined the game with their nasty business charades. So until there is a "complete" edition I won't buy an Xbox One; and if there isn't then won't buy it until there is a game that appeals to me.

johndoe112111809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

I'm getting a PS4 and I agreed with your post. Though I personally think your reasoning behind the fanboy wars are not completely accurate. I think there's more to it than that.

Sony was on the throne with ps1 and 2 so naturally when the ps3 was announced everyone was expecting the world but what they got was a boulder. That opened the door for the xbox 360 to take the lead and boy did it ever. Upon release the ps3 was bashed by every gaming publication and industry figure head and rightly so. It was expensive had no games and multiplats looked way better on the 360.

It would take years before the ps3 could climb back up to some sort of recognition by lowering it's price and making groundbreaking first party games. It lost a lot of support and the people who remained and supported it were utterly raped in chat rooms and forums. Being a ps3 supporter was like being part of the resistance.

Fast forward 8 years and next gen consoles are revealed. Sony having learned from their mistakes created a system for gamers by gamers and has basically done and said every thing the gamers want. Microsoft on the other hand got complacent with their 360 success and created what many consider to be an atrocity and had what is considered by many to be the most disastrous console reveal and pr campaign in gaming history. Although some people had no issues with what they tried to do, the fact remains that most of the gaming community was appalled.

Many xbox supporters jumped ship and went to sony leaving the die hard supporters of the xone in the same position the early ps3 supporters were in. They now feel attacked and abused by most people online who have only negative things to say about the xbox. They have now become the resistance.

why there is so much hate for the xbox is because of the constant negativity, continued pr mishaps and blatant lies that keep coming from microsoft, hence the reason so many keep attacking them and the fanboy wars rage on.

It happened last gen with the ps3 and it's happening now with the xone. The reality is that it will not stop. I myself get caught up in it but the truth is i have nothing against anyone who decides to buy a xone, I just voice my opinion when I believe I have something to say. I hope everyone enjoys whatever they buy.

I apologize for the long post.

josephayal1809d ago

Microsoft confirms Xbox One will support 4K Gaming, I personally cant wait for the Xbox One

Flutterby1809d ago

If you seriously think there will be 4k games on either console you are delusional at best , pcs have a hard time running 4k games that are using the highest end gear you can get , the xbone has weaker specs than the ps4 and the ps4 won't be running 4k games either

Golden_Mud1809d ago

I do think Golf Tiger will run 4K and 60 frames per second

colonel1791809d ago

Sony has already confirmed that this generation will NOT be any 4K games. Maybe at the end of generation we will see indie games doing them, but certainly not AAA games. However, they will support 4K movies when they are available.

Microsoft is just lying. They are being cynical in the desperate attempt to make the xbox look powerful, but it will never have a game running at NATIVE 4K. Just look what they say about 1080p games; they say that every game runs at 1080p but they're just upscaled. Microsoft executives and PR staff are the masters of deception.

Rageanitus1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

I always favored PC gaming, but console game also plays a large part of my gaming hobby.

I only picked up 2 consoles at launch (PS3 and gameboy advance) because it actually offered something really fresh.

The PS3 was acquired because of the blu-ray tech and I have not regreted one moment purchasing it at the full price.

To this Day I think it was better than the PS2 as an overall entertainment machine.

Having said I will most likely will not get the next gen consoles at launch because IMO its not as fresh as to what the PS3 had to offer. Yes its the next upgrade in power for the next console but I see that all the time in PC gaming.

It doesnt hurt to wait 6 > 8 months since most games drop in that price around that time frame. I play on alot of platforms at the same time so I am more "occupied" vs others who just focus on one platform. This is why I believe fanboyism roots from.

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