Walkthroughs: Are They Really A Bad Thing?

Rebel Gaming takes a look at whether or not walkthroughs make you any less of a "real gamer."

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thejigisup1769d ago

A walkthrough guide is a set of instructions you follow in order to reach the end result you desire. Personally I like to play a game;really have the satisfaction of beating something in my own. How she's one feel any level of accomplishment when all you did was read every step of the way? I admit I've used guides but typically inky after I've beaten the game once or twice. I knew people that before they pop the disc of a brand new game into their system they open the guide read up on every thing that is about to happen, basically spoiling the coming story and pretty much not play a game but follow instructions and watch cool stuff happen. Often times the ability to enjoy and replay a game is removed when you've already completed everything and know all the secrets. Hint hint folks it's not a secret if someone is telling you everything all of the time. Star ocean, final fantasys, dragon quest, SotC, zeldasguides for these exist because there is sometimes simply a ridiculous amount of content, it's hard to not want to know where every piece of treasure, every Easter egg, every game breaking weapon, every everything is. However I don't think developers made games have everything about their games spoiled. I feel the same about some 'lets play' videos. Guides aren't terrible they just remove since if that video game magic, the thing that makes games great. Once a game has been fully enjoyed a guide just supplements the experience.