Why Valve’s “Steam Machine” Won’t be a Threat to the PS4

PS4Home: "As the upcoming console war begins to heat up, legendary video game developer Valve is keen on bringing its own machine to the fight."

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Enemy1591d ago

Simple: because no one will buy it. The PS4 is $399.

ATi_Elite1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

@ Enemy ha ha very NOT FUNNY!

The real reason is because the SM focuses on PC Gaming therefore ONLY those looking to get into PC Gaming or current PC gamers will buy it.

Console Gaming has NO effect on PC Gaming.

The PS4 could be $199 for ALL I care but If I want to play StarCitizen or Guild Wars 2 or DotA2 or Black Desert or Company of Heroes or Darkwood or STALKER or Nuclear Union or Natural Selection 2 or Firefall or Train Simulator or any OTHER PC EXCLUSIVE then I gotta go buy a PC.

PS4 = console experience
SteamMachine = PC experience

it's just that simple which means NO matter what the PS4 does or whatever fanboys DREAM it can do PC Gaming is just a different world therefore PS4 and SM are NOT in competition.

unlike the XB1 vs. PS4 which are in competition because they cater to the SAME Gamers looking for the same console Gaming experience.

There are plenty of Gamers worldwide for both platforms to do well so no need for Ps4 vs. The World just stick to PS4 vs. XB1!

SlapHappyJesus1591d ago

They are trying to bring people in who are already interested in PC gaming by making it closer to a console-like experience.
They aren't actually trying to go up against consoles themselves . . .

amnalehu1591d ago

So why not just buy a PC for gaming? I don't get it...

ssj271591d ago

Everyone is trying to figure it out, I don't see a market for this console or is a PC?

Anyways this will have make a little more sense in 3 years and if the cost was around $600 and been able to play the same PS4 games at 4k 60fps.

This steam console pc seem like it will fail huge time and you can tell that by the controller lol it's a joke. I can't believe some peopyle defending it will be like defending the boomerang ps3 prototype controller lol

hellvaguy1590d ago

You can use any controller on a pc. Even xbox and playstation controllers. The steam controller is just another option to try out.

ssj271590d ago

You are been forced to buy a walle looking like useless controler.. their decision is very weird.
I don't want to buy a console and use a 3rd party controler.they haven't even made a new halflife its a shame

Even dele nikem came out.

Theu may have great deals and won fans by that but they don't fool me..

I remember when they said graphics and technology will not get any better, a veru chea yhing yo say. But when you see their lass games you can see how lazy they have become and outdated.

They make good fun games and they should focus on that but they have become greedy.

iamnsuperman1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Because people are unsure what the market is for the steam box. They are going to be expensive (as Value isn't making them) so there lies a big problem when consoles like the PS4 can be sold at a loss (being made by Sony who can retrieve the loss through software sales). Ignoring that the expensive boxes will not sell as those people have/might as well build an expensive gaming rig. The lower boxes may attract the more "general consumer" but Valve has shown no hint at media focused box just a gaming one(which isn't a desirable feature over the likes of Apple TV for those people and when the Vita TV thing comes to the west that does both)

I personally do not get how people can defend the control scheme (that recent video of flick flick flick does not appeal to me) but I assume the box can use a variety of controllers.

I don't know why people are taking this announcement seriously because I don't think Valve are either. This is clearly a move to block any attempt by Apple to get into that space and reduce the reliance of windows on Steam. I really do not think this is anything more than that