Unreleased GTA V Artwork Discovered At Social Club

Take a look at unreleased artwork of Grand Theft Auto V discovered at Social Club. It features all three lead character Franklin, Trevor and Michael with mask, probably on a Heist mission

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fattyuk1680d ago

what am I looking at exactly there's nothing on that webpage.

georgenancy1680d ago

this artwork is on the back of the steel book,it isn't 'new'

Freddy_Millz11680d ago

They advertised unreleased art pieces for buyers of the Collectors edition. That image of the 3 in suits and ski masks, Trevor holding the lighter, Michael wearing the vest and Frank with the smg and scarf were all unreleased until ship date. By then, almost everyone was tired of seeing them because they were the images that went into heavy rotation during that torture procedure known as the install.

ThatEnglishDude1680d ago

Yet another shitty article, courtesy of GamePur.