Story and Gameplay Mechanics Revealed in the NYCC 2013 Thief Panel

The Thief panel today was filled to the brim with new information about the upcoming stealth game published by Square Enix. While no video or pictures were allowed, there was plenty of exclusive information to be had.

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Relientk771739d ago

This game cannot come soon enough

ajames3471739d ago

I completely agree. The panel itself hyped me up so much!

Abash1739d ago

Does this game have a third person mode now? Last I heart it was first person view only, can anyone confirm?

majiebeast1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

I really hope this game turns out well. But all the rumors about low morale and game directors leaving has me a bit worried.

Blacktric1739d ago

It won't. It's typical of people here to hype it to death though. So, I wouldn't pay much attention.

Roccetarius1739d ago

From the points in the link, it doesn't sound that amazing still.

1739d ago
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