Turtle Beach To Announce Something Related to PS4 Today At 3:45 PM ET

Turtle Beach has something to announced later day related to Playstation 4. The announcement will be made exactly at 3:45 PM ET on Twitch TV.

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ZodTheRipper1378d ago

PS4 exclusive headset? I might even be interested.

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Mystogan1378d ago

Most likely the seven series. Like the X1 got.

TomShoe1378d ago

That would be interesting, though the Call of Duty Dudebro army would be furious.

Back-to-Back1378d ago

Do not support turtle beach. Their headset quality is god awful. Better options are Tritton, PS Pulse, and Astro.

SSJBen1378d ago

Lol... you're telling people not to support a turd and then recommending other turds to them instead.

Gaming headsets = stupidly overpriced.

dcj05241378d ago

Pulse is the best headset known to man. If that's a turd then I'm bathing in it.

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kingPoS1378d ago

I find it funny non those headsets even support rudimentary core DTS, it's sad really. All these sets tout 7.1 sound but have no HDMI input & output.

It's like the they're all too cheap to pay DTS license. Despite that, their headsets still cost more than a PS3 or Xbox console.

Uhh... yeah. I think I'll stick with my Sony headsets.

lilbrat231378d ago

After trying TB and Tritton at the store Tritton all the way. Astros are good I just don't wan't to pay the price for

NobleTeam3601377d ago

As a owner of several Turtle Beaches through out the years I have to respectively disagree.

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Yo Mama1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Well...? What was announced? 3:45 pm was over an hour and 15 minutes ago.

It couldn't have been that big of an announcement because they haven't even put it on their twitter.


Alex Mendez [email protected] 1h

You heard it on the #NYCC stream! The @turtlebeach PX4's will work with your PS4 on day 1!

Lunatic_Medic1378d ago

Right!? I'm so confused lol

bigboirock1378d ago

im betting all 360 headsets might work with it since it uses the same connection as the 360

Game4life1378d ago

i have px5. will that work?

camel_toad1378d ago

I'm wondering that myself. Will the current px5 work with the ps4? My guess would be yes but guesses are just... Guesses.

Game4life1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

i hope. It was a 200$ headset. i love it too

sloth33951378d ago

yeah they are late to posting it

Tooly1378d ago

this was in the pending at 2:50 he not lat it just got approved late

BigShotSmoov0071378d ago

So what was the announcement?

Yo Mama1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Alex Mendez [email protected] 1h

You heard it on the #NYCC stream! The @turtlebeach PX4's will work with your PS4 on day 1!

Kayant1378d ago

If it's that then we already know the news as it was posted yesterday iirc.

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