Drakengard 3 Connects To Nier, Will Have A Balance Between Darkness And Humor

Siliconera - "After producer Takamasa Shiba demoed Drakengard 3, we talked about Zero, the game’s anti-hero who is on a mission to kill her sisters. Siliconera also asked Shiba about editing content in previous Drakengard games and Valkyrie Profile."

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Inception1807d ago

From the article:

"Siliconera: I know it might be too soon to ask, but any thoughts on a possible Drakengard 4?

Shiba: It entirely depends on how well part three does. Though, if it does happen, it would more than likely be for next gen, the PlayStation 4."


"Siliconera: OK, Shiba-san, you successfully got a new Drakengard game in development, and you worked on the original Valkyrie Profile too. Can you tell us anything about the Valkyrie Profile series, have you tried to start a new project within Square Enix.

Shiba: Well, I really wasn’t the main producer, just the assistant… so I can’t really say. Do you think we should do another one?

Siliconera: Sure! Yes!

Shiba: Then, I’ll consider that!"

JRPG fans, you all know what you must do to get Drakengard 4 for PS4 and a new Valkyria Profile right? ^^