Check Out The Thousands Of People Waiting In Line For Pokémon X And Y

Today marks the day of the long-awaited Pokémon X and Y’s global release, and thousands of people from around the world waited in lines in front of stores to get their copies. Here’s a look at some of the lines, thanks to many Twitter feeds from Pokémon Masters in Japan.

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TomShoe1655d ago

Wow. Shows how far out in the boonies I live.

I walked right into my local Gamestop and got a 3DS and a copy...

Ketzicorn1655d ago

Yeah it hasn't been hard to find for me either. I saw stacks of both X and Y yesterday at Gamestop and Best Buy.

TristanPR771655d ago

Wait to see the lines for the PS4.

AbortMission1654d ago

Shh. You dont want to upset the rabid fanboys here Lol

kB01655d ago

Losers. I'd never stay in line for anything when I'm going to spend my money, I would just wait a day.

Here in Toronto it was empty, I simply walked into best buy to look for a mouse, I asked them if they had an extra copy of pokemon they pointed me to a huge display that had more than 50 copies.

There was more of a line up for the Geek squad... I ended up just buying Pokemon Y and walked out.

I'm actually liking it alot, and now that I found out you can choose between 3 first gen pokemon as well I can't wait:)

AbortMission1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

A LOT of japanese kids. Not surprising

reko1654d ago

and? whats your point?

thepatientgamer1654d ago

Don't see the problems with this. Pokemon is awesome, lots of people buy it. Sometimes you get lucky and the stores are empty, and sometimes you're not.