GTA V Online: 10 Worst Players Who Are Ruining The Game

With new patches, it’s now just about possible to play GTA Online without most of the bugs, errors and technical annoyances that plagued the early days, and made some suspect that Rockstar might have needed even more time to iron out the online portion before it was rolled out.

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Lord_Sloth1803d ago

So your 1st page complains about farmers for not playing the game "properly" (rampaging other players and stealing their money and such) then you complain about people playing it "properly" with your very next 2 examples....Hmm......

WeAreLegion1803d ago

One example per page? When can we ban this BS on N4G?

redcar1211803d ago

Its gta that's what happens omg

Max-Zorin1802d ago

It's a video game named after a felony. What did you really expect?