Destiny will NOT support Arabic

IGN ME , asked Destiny about the Arabic language on Destiny ,

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ZHZ901563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

95-97% games don't support Arabic, even though I prefer English in video games would be nice for companies to support the language of my country.

shahab911563d ago

Why are people disagreeing with you. I really don't understand the hatred of some people in this site.

WarThunder1563d ago

Every Dev should support Arabic!

Its one most talked and beautiful languages!

kB01563d ago

That simply not true, the most beautiful language and most talked is Mathematics.

It's universal, it's logical and you dont need to speak an ounce of anything in order to speak it:)

WarThunder1563d ago

@ kB0 *facepalm*

If you learn how to read. i said: "its one of the most"

Not the most...

kB01563d ago


The joke is loose on some.

kB01563d ago

Also maybe you leave the personal attacks for another site? :)

Shake_Zula1562d ago

It's more of a technical issue than a choice really. See most of the languages supported in computing have UTF-8 compliant counterparts. Arabic does not have such counterpart, so supporting it from a programming standpoint is very difficult, because most programming languages were developed in countries where the primary language is English. In this case, Arabic"-like" language support wouldn't be just a port, but rather its own development build complete with different coding methodologies. Basically, multiply the development cost by 2... minimally. Language independent code would be nice though; whoever comes up with it will be a billionaire.

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Kuse1563d ago

Oh well...not a lot of gamers in Arabia...

SnakeCQC1563d ago

There are a ton of gamers over their.

Omran1563d ago

You live in other world !
there are many gamers in
Middle East !

maybe you live under rock

SonyNGP1563d ago

Dude. Saudi Arabia has an insane amount of gamers.

Salooh1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

We are gamers since the sega / nintendo times. We are simply not recognised , maybe because we don't develop games or other reasons. But middle east sales goes to europe and us . There are at least 1 million gamer here in middle east. I don't blame you for not knowing this ..

On topic : Who expected arabic in this game or any other game O.o

IHassounah1563d ago

DvlzGame expected it , also here in Saudi Arabia alone , there is 9 million gamers , in Qatar there is 3 Million , in UAE there is 4 million , in Bahrain there is 300K gamers , in Egypt there is 2 million and finally all the other places equal 13 million gamers , we will be given a result of over 31 million gamers separated to PC , Xbox 360 and PS3 so we should be recognized

black0o1563d ago

dude didn't u ever got t-baged by someone with ''KSA, UAE, EGY ..etc'' in his/her ID

goldwyncq1563d ago

The guy with the highest trophy count lives in the Middle East.

IHassounah1563d ago

You do know that if half of Arabian gamers stop gaming , PS3 and
Xbox 360 would be nearly 67 million for each console

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SnakeCQC1563d ago

I don't see why they dont just add arabic subs especially when they market this game to that region.

blackbirdi1563d ago

who cares arabic traductions are the worst and stupid ... i prefer to play in english

Campy da Camper1562d ago

You're an ignorant person. Some of the nicest people I have met online were from the middle east. I want everyone, everywhere to be able to get the best experience possible. I'm from the states and my friends list includes gamers from austraila, england, Philippines, Germany and middle east.

blackbirdi1562d ago

i m arabic so i know what i m talking about the its always the arabic traduction is joke and stupid so don 't play the hero here

sealava1563d ago

not many attractions in middle-east ,,so you'll find really crazy good gamers over there

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