DualShockers | Preview: Super Mario 3D World - Why is Toad Blue?

Every Nintendo system (except for the GameCube) has had a definitive Mario game coupled with its run since the original Nintendo Entertainment System back in the 1980s. Super Mario 3D World is not 2007′s Super Mario Galaxy, nor is it 1996′s Super Mario 64; it shows no signs of emerging as the definitive Mario Bros. game of the Wii U. What it does do however, is maintain the charm of the franchise, along with the fun and enjoyment that one would expect from a Mario Bros. game. If Nintendo returns to the Galaxy series or goes in a completely new direction, I doubt 3D World will be considered the definitive Mario Bros. game of the Wii U, but in the interim, it is a remarkable placeholder.

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-Foxtrot1739d ago

You would think the original red toad would be a main character....they did this in New Super Mario Bros Wii, had a yellow and blue toad instead of the red one and Peach.......they couls of made Daisy replace Peach as the one who needed rescuing

1739d ago
R00bot1739d ago

The red toads have always been the NPCs.

EliteGameKnight1739d ago

Its because Mario is red and they don't want the players mixing eachother up. As such, they went with blue because the red is taken by Mario, Green by Luigi, and yellow by Peach, her head color.

kirbyu1739d ago

Because it's a reference to Super Mario Bros. 2.

RyanShutup1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

THIS ^^^

Here's a snappy of toad from Mario 2.

TransientDreamer1738d ago

Yeah, I got that. Mentioned in the article as well that the game is loaded with references. The subtitle was more of a reference to the generation of gamers that may not understand what a lot of this game is alluding to in its gameplay and scenery.

MONKEYDLUFFY1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Is that a sleight against sunshine i see??? I love that game

MooseyXTC1739d ago

Same reason Cat Mario is Yellow.

TransientDreamer1738d ago

I don't get that either! Why couldn't they just take the Power Rangers route and have all the colors be uniform with what they're wearing already? Lol.

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