Metal Gear Online Beta Users Rejoice: Konami ID Site is now functional

The Konami ID website is up and running the fastest ever. Yes no more timing out errors. This is presumably due to the rumored additional servers that Konami said they'd add because of the extraordinary traffic. Enjoy.


Although you can still sign up for Konami/Game IDs the actual beta which you could play has been delayed.

Konami: "we will be making the following changes to the schedule:
1) Start date: Planned for 04/25/2008 24:00(PDT). While the start is planned for the weekend, it may change due to unforseen circumstances.
3) Beta Test closure: This will now be on 05/11/2008 at 24:00(PDT) rather than 05/05/2008 at 24:00(PDT)

Press release:

IMPORTANT: Please note that your voucher code will only be valid up until 05/05/2008, so please make sure to register them by then.

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Rikitatsu3838d ago

and don't rejoice ! ppl still get errors when trying to access the beta

Konami Failed so bad

pharmd3838d ago

hmmm..... how about that beta :)

Acid3838d ago

What an embarrassment to gamers you are.

Developers have to look at these types of pathetic comments and just say why even bother.

justgamez3838d ago

don't mind them 2. They are just feeling a little "green" (pun intended).

Dino3838d ago

if you're in the U.S. it doesn't start till 12 am

RecSpec3838d ago

Problems in a beta!? No...(sheds tear)

wow4u3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )


Right. After sending out the wrong codes. Then having your beta-login servers crash. Then having your Game-servers crash.

I'm *sure* everything will be just fine when they release the game into the *largest* market.

Beta != Alpha.

If this is any indication, Konami is in for a world of hurt. But, as history has shown, Konami has serious problems with online-games.

RecSpec3838d ago

You're right there, the first MGO wasn't exactly gaming nirvana.

tweaker3838d ago

LMAO on that gif pic. HAHAHAHA!

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TheHater3838d ago

well I final got the e-mail to finish my registration. So yeah, the site is faster, but now how about the servers for the beta?

Hulligan853838d ago

Now you can sign up for a game that doesnt even work!

Thanks Konami!

timmyp533838d ago

What time for each region?

Mr_Showtime13838d ago

when I get to play the game

wow4u3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Kojima is disappointed with it (and he would know). And, looking at the screenshots:

Do you see any particle effects (dust, smoke, smog, dew, fog)? Nope. Do you see any light reflections? nope. Are their multiple light sources? nope. The game is good looking sure, but not great -- be *honest* with yourself. Its good, not great.

I hope the *gameplay* for MGS pans out. I hope the gameplay is good. From the screenshots and video, it looks good, but not great.

now with the total failure for the beta (bad ids? crashed id-servers? crashed multiplayer servers (Unable to login to server.(0911:00000003))? wii-psn-codes for mutliplayer?) -- add that to Konami's history of very poor online games, I'd say be careful with this one.

It looks like it would be smart to rent this game before you buy it.

You know those previews we saw a few weeks ago? Konami paid to bring those people ot japan to see the game-- that is called a "junket" and is looked on very poorly by the film/music/book industry -- there isnt any honesty in those early previews.

Dont get suckered into the hype, wait until some non-junket previews/reviews arrive.

Just for giggles:

MGS44743838d ago

Im in UK Sign in ok But cant play any ways im off to bed hope fully when i get up all will be good. Cya online hope fully later every one.

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