“The Smash Brothers” Documentary Now on Youtube

For some, the competitive Smash scene is irrelevant, a joke, or a waste of time. But for the dedicated players waking up early to travel to tournaments, paying tolls to cross state lines, practicing until the wee hours of the morning with nothing but an LCD and a Gamecube, competitive Smash Bros. is a way of life.

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AbortMission1738d ago

This is just over the top sad..

Yep1738d ago

Meanwhile, as AbortMission spends his days on the internet trolling and attacking anyone with an opinion...

WPX1738d ago

yeah. If it was "That other brand"-All Stars, it would be over the top awesome but since it's Smash, a Nintendo brand game, is ALWAYS bad. people these days...

BlackWolf1738d ago

Yes, your trolling crusade brings tears to my eyes... really sad.

ShadowL91738d ago

Very interesting videos, been watching all them today.

1738d ago