Packaging of Xbox One’s Controller, Headset And Play and Charge Kit Revealed, it’s Very Green

A new picture surfaced from a GAME store in the UK shows the packaging for all the Xbox One's accessories.

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iamnsuperman1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Why on earth is the PS4 in this picture also, to me, the middle boxes looks like a tablet

Abriael1743d ago

The PS4 is a dummy unit for display purposes, and is actually the subject of the picture according to the one that shared it, though we saw plenty of those today and the surroundings are more unique :D

minimur121743d ago

I prefer the playstation design in all honesty, I understand why some people would like this becasue it's nice and simplistic- but PS one is all way and cool like :3

sinjonezp1743d ago

Hey, last chance to get a ps4!! And let's set up a ps4 right in the middle of an xbone display. Face palm? Maybe? Maybe not.

HardcoreGamer211743d ago


fattyuk1743d ago



Like it wasn't already obvious in the first place.

CraigandDayDay1742d ago

I STILL can't believe that in the year 2013 they are releasing a play and charge kit. The controllers should either have a rechargeable battery built in or include a free play and charge kit with the console.

And I still can't believe they have an external power supply.

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Evil_Ryu1743d ago

ps4 should of been replaced with xbox one could be that they must of not received one

BattleTorn1743d ago

Wow, didn't even see it amongst all the green, at first.

nukeitall1743d ago

I didn't see the PS4, read the comments and had to scan the picture 3 times before I noticed it.

UltimateMaster1743d ago

Who can miss that?
I saw it immediately when scrolling down.

HugoDrax1743d ago

"Wow, didn't even see it amongst all the green, at first."

EXACTLY! From a marketing standpoint I'm sure that's why Microsoft went with bright green packaging again. When consumers walk into retail locations, the first thing that will catch their eye is BRIGHT GREEN packaging. Don't get me wrong now, the blue color pallete for PS4 is Sexy! and Sleek!, it's just the thing that the eye will notice first is a LOUD Green color, before a soft blue color. Just my opinion..

FrigidDARKNESS1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Anyone can see thar this was place heir intentionally for this photo shoot.

mrpsychoticstalker1743d ago

Is there to hold all the boxes. Just like my ps3 holds my window during the summer times. :)

Mr Pumblechook1743d ago

It looks shit.
I'm not hating, it's just my humble opinion about the puke-green boxes.

JohnnyBadfinger1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Puke green = xbone
Smurf turd blue = PS4

Beastforlifenoob1743d ago

wow look at the way the light reflects of the box, the scratches aswell. Also the corners are slightly rounde and the pictures on the box are not 8k resolution.

WOW cancelling my pre-order this box is junk...

LOL idiots these days who gives a shit aout the box, all we care about is whats inside those boxes (ps4,xbox, other assorted goodies)

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shysun1743d ago

To much green! They need to tone it down a bit.

MiHX21743d ago

There is a black box for the Day One edition.

andrewsqual1743d ago

But they should have just changed the colour for this console overall. Its a big problem I always felt I would have had with going Xbox was looking at your game collection and seeing the horrible green glow coming off any shelf or that corner of the room.

The lime green also destroys 95% of Xbox game boxarts. For example, which one of these is the ugliest and ruins the cover?
Sonic Generations is the only game that comes to mind that actually suited it.

Should have went with something else for this generation.

UltimateMaster1743d ago

It's called Nuclear Radio Active Green.

HugoDrax1743d ago


"The lime green also destroys 95% of Xbox game box arts"

In my opinion you're viewing it all wrong. You think the green destroys the box art, but my perspective is that it allows Microsoft to differentiate its titles from competitors. Nintendo boxes are Cloud Blue, Sony a Deep/Royal Blue, Microsoft LOUD GREEN hahaha.

I'm just saying I don't find it more aesthetically pleasing than Nintendo/Sony's box art one bit, and I'm a professional graphic designer. I just believe if your average consumer walks into a store looking for a game, what catches their attention first will be Microsoft Loud Green, as opposed to Nintendo/Sony blue. Possibly generating interest for Microsofts product because of first impression.

Either way, I have to look at all 3 box arts since I own a Wii U, and will own both Next Gen consoles at launch as well.

Next Gen is among us console gamers, less than 40 days now...

Happy Gaming :-)

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Rhaigun1743d ago

Exactly. They just slapped it with one color and a picture of the console. No creativity to this design at all. It couldn't have taken more than five minutes in photoshop.

Abriael1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Yeah, they went with recognizability instead of creativity. I don't like it as well, but it's commercially effective.

The only Xbox package I remember I really liked is the Forza Motorsport 2 Xbox 360 bundle from aeons ago.

I guess the Xbox One black day one package isn't that bad too, even if not very creative as well.

CRAIG6671743d ago

I still have the box of my original 20GB hdmi360, looks alot cooler than this, it was white with the differing shaded green circles if anyone remembers...
This X1 design is boring, I got the day one edition, the black box looks way cooler, they should have used that or version of that across the board IMO.

AH... box is a box I guess

Hellsvacancy1743d ago

Are we really going to attack them over the way the box looks now?

Who cares about boxes? my leftover boxes go to my kids, which soon get deformed

shysun1743d ago

Dont they focus test this stuff?!Psst

nukeitall1743d ago

Not only is it recognizable, but notice how it occupies the entire wall space. You can't miss it!

It also helps you focus on the product as well as display the simplicity of it all. Just like the tiles in Windows 8.

It is a pretty smart marketing technique.

rainslacker1743d ago

Well...the green does stand out and one would be hard pressed to not notice it or look at it. It's so gaudy though.

I'd liken the visibility factor and the way it will draw people's attention to an accident on the highway. People just can't help but look. It would fit well in Home Depot's lawn and garden section though...:P

And before everyone hates me for my comment, I'm just having a little fun.

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xActionBasturdx1743d ago

Its a damn box people gonna throw away anyway...why does it even matter how 'green' it is

BX811743d ago

Actionbasturd says..... A real playa uses the box then throws it to da side!

Stuntz1743d ago

i actually really like the green. It all matches nicely, and shows off the shelves.

Ketzicorn1743d ago

Although I don't particularly care for the green it is very bright and I've noticed that even though I'm going with the PS4 at launch when I walk into a Best Buy etc my attention first goes to the X1 display.