This Week's Purchase: SEGA Mega Drive(s) + Games

DC - "This week I bought a box of SEGA Mega Drive consoles and games. Today I’ve been sorting it out, and will be looking at both SEGA’s classic console and some of the games I’ve picked up for it."

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PoSTedUP1682d ago

toejam n earl attack on funkatron was the first game i played when i was 3. litterally the dopest game ever. madden and roadrash on the gamegear etc.... cool retro article brotha!

BillytheBarbarian1681d ago

Revenge of Shinobi is awesome. You need to sit down and figure it out. Altered Beast? Where do you get that comparison? Nothing alike besides the scrolling. Road Rash 2 and 3 were the peak of that series. The PS1/Saturn games were mediocre. The N64 Road Rash was decent but that was about it.

Spend more time with them games before cutting off their heads. Also do yourself a favor and pick up Streets of Rage 2 and crank it through a stereo with the front headphone stereo jack. It still sounds killer.

DiscoDracula1111681d ago

I used to love the first two Streets of Rage games, will definitely be looking out for them! Revenge of Shinobi is growing on me to be fair, but didn't stand out compared to some of the other games at first. I got mauled by a wolf quite a lot which made me think of Altered Beast, but other than that they are fairly different now I think about it.

Oh and Road Rash on PS1/Saturn is an unloved classic!! The Mega Drive games are good to though, they need to bring that series back!