5 best new Pokémon in X and Y

Pokémon X and Y add 68 new creatures for fan to collect, trade, and force to fight each other until one loses consciousness. While that’s a smaller number of new additions than any we’ve seen in the main series before, you’ll still find plenty of gems among the newcomers.

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JeffGrubb1681d ago

These guys ain't got shit on Bidoof.

Sadie21001681d ago

Have past Pokemon games been items like this sword and keychain? That seems ridiculous.

BullyMangler1681d ago

i wanna see Gyarados VS this T-Rex beast.

MakiSaad21681d ago

Not really new u can see all the new pokemons mega evolution on serebii leaked or not leaked they've got everything covered which was quite surprising for that I didn't so those leaked on N4G

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