What Beyond: Two Souls Reveals about the PS4

TechRadar: ''Critics are already hugely divided over David Cage's latest game, Beyond: Two Souls, but that's hardly a surprise. Beyond marks an ambitious shift towards more story-heavy, cinematic experiences - more so than Cage's last blockbuster outing, Heavy Rain - and it won't be for everyone's tastes.

But it also arrives on the PS3 as the console is about to pass the baton to its next-gen successor, and the result is telling. The comparisons with Heavy Rain are inescapable but on a technical level the two are a world apart.''

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Conzul1806d ago

My only problem with the game thus far is that the fragmented storytelling makes it hard to identify with the characters. I wish it had a more linear style, like Heavy Rain.

PlayStation_41806d ago

i thought the same at first, but after completing it, i think it's pretty fine now

aaron58291806d ago

im replaying the game with a more "linear" way. if you like it that way.. anyway... just realised how much stuff I missed during my first playthrough.

goldwyncq1806d ago

It's kinda like an Assassin's creed game, but out of sequence.

matrixman921806d ago

they at least give a reason for it in the end

ginsunuva1805d ago

Yeah I don't like nonlinear stories in general. Flashback sequences ala Uncharted are great, but jumping around like Tarantino movies bothers me.

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