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G4MERS: "Seventeen hours, just so it took me finish the game Beyond: Two Souls. Watching the end credits began to wonder about many aspects of his own life, the choices made ​​in the past, the present and the future. I began to remember my loved ones, those present and those who unfortunately passed away."

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SolidGear31743d ago

GOTY next to The Last of Us and BioShock: Infinite!

svoulis1743d ago

I bought this game and played it through in one sitting, its actually only about 10-11hrs long, but man THE FEELS.

Oh So Many.

its a GOTY contender for sure.

Stsonic1743d ago

I also played it in 1 session, it took about 11 hours. Yesterday was a great day for me it was almost like watching 5 different films some better than others.

Seafort1743d ago

I got more out of Beyond than I ever did with GTA5.

Brilliant game and those 5/10 reviews don't have a fking clue what a good game and story is.

One of my all time favourite games :)

abusador1743d ago

You just got Quantum a new customer Lol but I loved Heavy Rain so I was getting this anyway.

SolidGear31743d ago

Hell I don't even like the GTA games.. boorriinng!