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Why Developers Will Once Again Aim For Parity On PS4 And Xbox One

"With the new consoles only about a month away at this point, there are a lot of new games to look forward to. For the most part, regardless of what console you’ve decided to get, you’re likely to have the same selection of games across for either the PS4 or the Xbox One. While there are still going to be exclusive games for each console, like Killzone: Shadow Fall and Forza Motorsport 5, we’re seeing far more cross-platform releases. " (PS4, Xbox One)

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Muffins1223  +   774d ago
No crap,the wiiu sells horrible to begin with and its hardware is insanely behind ps4 and xbox one,its like the wii situation but 10x worse.
Abash  +   774d ago | Well said
Aiming for "Parity" is one thing, but if a system is stronger in areas it will naturally do textures, shadowing, etc. better.
nypifisel  +   774d ago
Yup. When the PS4 demands no extra work for better visuals or performance there won't be any parity in that regard. The PS4 versions of multi-plat will ALWAYS run better, or run the same and look better. Key word here is Always!
GameNameFame  +   774d ago
This really depends on devs. If they want, they can spend 1 month on PS4 port and 6 months on X1.

Do crazy amount of optimization on X1 to catch up for weaker power and run PS4 unoptimized.

I wont buy games from devs like that. Good thing we have tons of exclusives on PS4 that dont worry about these.
vulcanproject  +   774d ago
They'll build the games the same and just use more resolution on PS4.

It'll be that simple. If they build it for 1920 x 1080 on PS4 they will use the exact same assets but run it maybe 1600 x 900 on Xbox one.

The exclusives will push the systems much harder and that is where we will likely see PS4 actually pull ahead on a visual level. We'll eventually see stuff on PS4 that Xbox one couldn't replicate.
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Magicite  +   774d ago
If PS4 and X1 games will look the same but run 60FPS VS 30FPS(or something like that), then Im okay with that.
Ezz2013  +   774d ago
sony them self are not ok with this

loulou  +   774d ago
another gamingbolt one-a-day hit leech.

ffs when is this site, and in particular rashid sayed going to get banned??

please do not give these hit leeches a click.

before hitting the disagree button, check out rashids contributions for this week. nothing but the same rubbish.

ban em!!
pete007  +   774d ago
the slight power edge ps4 might have wont be more then a step up on antialiasing filters, i mean if a game has 2x AA on xbox perhaps ps4 will be capable of 4x, just like this gen , NO AA on ps3 and 2x on xbox 360 on most multi plat titles til sony devs released their cpu/spu based AA released with uncharted 2 and shared with other devs so ps3 games could look a bit like.......actually.....games
Ezz2013  +   774d ago

50% more stronger GPU
Much better/faster Unfied RAM
is not just "slight" Edge
there is a gap here and that's a simple FACT
but keep say other wise though to feel better
the rest of your comment is pretty wrong as well
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GribbleGrunger  +   774d ago
I don't particularly care about third party games or whether the developers refuse to utilise that 50% extra power, I'm buying the PS4 for one reason only, the first party games. Hopefully, those third party developers with 'pride' won't allow Sony to stretch their lead even further this gen because if they do Sony are going to make their offerings look last gen very quickly.
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Enemy  +   774d ago
@ pete007: If 50% is only "slight" to you then you should just stop posting comments and get educated.

Even if a 3rd party developer knew it could make a vastly superior PS4 version of a game, if the game is multiplatform on PS4 and Xbone, Microsoft has convinced them to water down the PS4 version or forget about releasing the game on Xbone.

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loulou  +   774d ago
@ enemy, leave it out

microsoft have no leverage.

they will not have the highest installl base.

they cannot refuse games that are inferior to the ps4s version, and give sony exclusives by default.

they can do nothing!!!

the devs can and will do what they want

i keep reading about this "massive power difference" so this should be apparent from november.

stop talking nonsense, and posting gaf like its the grail of gaming truths. that french blog was from "sources" as well.
AndrewLB  +   774d ago
Nypifisel- That is nonsense. Hardware is only part of the equation. The consoles Operating system, drivers, and software coding is easily as much of a factor. So much in fact that that it is a real possibility that Microsoft's massive experience in x86 based software could easily close the performance gap. All you have to do is compare game performance on Apple computers to a PC with the same hardware specs and the PC kicks its a$$. I'm not saying this WILL happen, but its a real possibility.
And all these performance claims by Developers is largely irrelevant because they're basing them largely on development hardware which we all know is substantially higher performance. If Devs even had final retail consoles in their possession, don't you think photos would have been leaked by now? Of course they would!
nypifisel  +   774d ago
Well what do we know about design philosophy and OS between the two consoles? The Xbox One was designed as a living room hub for all kinds of media, relying on live TV and so on. Evidently this is taking quite a chunk out both memory and GPU (10%). Now we haven't got the same information about the PS4 but there's quite the essential difference between the two. The Xbox One is a media hub that plays games, the PS4 is a game console that plays media. MS do as you say have a lot of experience with x86 coming of Windows, but that's a multitasking desktop OS solution. The OS is irrelevant in the sense that it should be excluded in a gaming console. Running a pure API with minimal OS interference. I think neither console will suffer that much from how the OS functions, but if there's any impact it will surely be on Xbox Ones end a conclusion that can be drawn from their vision, snap function, display in display and so on.
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TomShoe  +   774d ago
Parity = Microsoft cutting a check to the devs to nerf the competition

Yeah, parity...
MizTv  +   774d ago
I hate that about m$ I really do
All I can say is thank god for the ps first party studios
quenomamen  +   774d ago
Yup, easier to write checks than to make better hardware.
Blaze929  +   774d ago | Intelligent
lol where you do all get this idea that Microsoft does this? You seen the actual check? That Microsoft is cutting a check to every multiplatform developer to make sure the games are equal?

Drones i tell ya. Believe everything. Research nothing.

PS3 was miles stronger than the Xbox 360, did we see multiplatform games all perform and look better on that? No. So why people think that would change because of a simple architecture is beyond me.

Only time that happened was with the PS2 and original Xbox. No one was saying the PS2 was holding back gaming then, even though the Xbox was stronger.

All that 45-50% stronger/faster means nothing if its not an exclusive game and we all know that. If it was as easy as you N4G blog developers seem to say it is, then why would developers do it? It's EASY right?

Oh because Microsoft is writing them a check and they want parity. We know PS4 is way stronger but we'll never actually get to prove that because MS is writing checks. And Microsoft, who made the easiest SDK for Xbox 360 developers, some how made developing for Xbox One a pain in the ass.


You all sound tin foil hat silly. But when it comes to actual proof in the games, why do we not see ONE game that appears to be 45-50% stronger/faster?

Ahhh damn...them Microsoft checks huh. Guess we'll never see it...due to the checks.
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Ezz2013  +   774d ago

next gen have nothing to do with this gen

first off
ps3 was not miles ahead of xbox360
xbox had better GPU while ps3 had much better CPU
and both share the same amount of ram and both are DDR3
and ps3 was hard to work with because the cell is very different than pc/xbox360 CPUs
so it was easy to to bulid games on xbox and port it to ps3 instead of trying to get the extra power in ps3 hardware
and only exclusives was able to show it full power

but now ps4 is much stronger in both GPU/RAM than xbox1
and share the same CPU with Xbox1
both are using the same hardware with ps4 using the stronger specs
and on top of that ps4 is as easy to work with as xbox1 or even more
so it pretty easy that ps4 will pull ahead in multiplat games (if dev's are not using Parity)
and of course will pull ahead even more with exclusives

instead of insulting other users ...do a little research
for the 100 time ps3/360 share nothing in commen with ps4/xbox1

also MS are indeed using a policy that ask for parity
and sony was pissed about it as well
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QuickdrawMcgraw  +   774d ago
Well said Ezz!
JasonKCK  +   774d ago
Doesn't Sony also pay for content? There was an article a while back http://www.vg247.com/2013/1... People here have short or "selective" memories.
Ezz2013  +   774d ago

did you read your link ?!
that's not parity at all
sony pay those Dev's to get their games on ps+
to offer it for free on ps+
which is awesome and push Ps+ even more
and give gamers reasons to pay for ps+

do you even know what Parity even mean ?!
parity mean that all games should look and play the same on both consoles
which i and most find very wrong
for reasons i said in my above comment
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JasonKCK  +   774d ago
Can you? or did yo just miss the point entirely?
Blaze929  +   774d ago

"also MS are indeed using a policy that ask for parity and sony was pissed about it as well."


"Microsoft's third party guidelines dictate that all games released on the Xbox 360 must launch "at least simultaneously" with other systems and must have "at least" the same features and content. It reserves the right to block release if those guidelines aren't met."

@Ezz2013 again (you with 7 bubbles somehow):

"do you even know what Parity even mean ?!
parity mean that all games should look and play the same on both consoles "

hmm, but you, Ezz2013 - just linked me an article about "all games released on the Xbox 360 must launch "at least simultaneously" with other systems and must have "at least" the same features and content"

But just said parity means that all games should look and play the same on both consoles. Play and look the same /=/ (does not equal) "launch "at least simultaneously" and "same features and content"

YOU yourself, clearly have no idea what you are talking about.
Ezz2013  +   774d ago

so out of my whole comment which indeed have nothing but FACTs about why this Gen is not the same as next gen
which only show that you have no idea what the hell are you talking about
and what worse you got "Intelligent" for such a wrong misinformed comment like yours show how this site work
and then you have the nerve to tell me how i got 7 bubbles ?! wow just wow
and you ignored all that and only talked about that last part about Eurogamer ?!
you didn't even bother admitting that you are wrong about ps3/360 situation being the same as ps4/xbox1 situation

did you also read this from the article :
"I think they want to dumb it down and keep it as pedestrian as possible so that if you want to do anything for Blu-ray, or you have extra content above 9GB, or you want to do anything of that nature, you'd better sure as heck remember that Microsoft can't handle that"

"I think what [Xbox Europe boss] Chris [Lewis] and the other representatives at Microsoft are doing is protecting an inferior technology,"

that pretty much mean games play the same as having everything equal which also wrong
since if one of them can offer more why should they dumb down the game for the other console then
you didn't see any thing wrong with Microsoft policy here ?!

and even if you ignore the article that won't change that your whole comment is simply wrong in everything
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AndrewLB  +   774d ago
That would be a violation of law under the federal trade commission and Sony would sue (and win) if there was any evidence of this. Much like AMD winning $1.25 billion from intel doing something similar about 5 hears ago.

Do you have direct knowledge of Microsoft doing this? Because it's not wise to knowingly lie about a company committing an illegal act. Doing so is called libel and could land you in court right quick. Don't believe me? Some Apple critics will beg to differ.
Blaze929  +   774d ago

Hmm, quote beginning with: "I think"

another quote beginning with: "I think"

You wanna know what I think? I think, you're an idiot. See what I did there? Okay.
Ezz2013  +   774d ago
you know what i "think" ?
i think you run out excuses and can't admit that you were wrong
and you don't deserve that "intelligent" bubble on your "not-so-Inelligent" laughable,wrong,misinformed comment
nor any of your bubbles with the way you talk
so you go with insults
that only show how weak you are
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Magicite  +   774d ago
I want every console to show its true potential, parity is stupid.
Pogmathoin  +   774d ago
Muff, wiiu is not in the equation... But sucks that they will still do that..X1 is nice, but PS4 should look better... More Naughty Dog games please....
solar  +   774d ago
you console mates always claim gameplay > graphics, yet here you are again arguing over it.
colonel179  +   774d ago
For one, Third party publishers will always use the "we want the same experience for everyone" BS. On the other hand, MS will NEVER let any publisher release a game that is better on the PS4. They never let them with the X360, and they will definitely continue that trend forever.

The only way I see third party publishers really taking advantage of either console, is if one of them sells like 10x better than the other. (Like how 3DS sells 100K vs 5K PS Vita in Japan). Other than that, just expect first party developers do that job.
truegamerkt  +   774d ago
Well it looks like m$,will continue to hold back gaming
SlavisH2  +   774d ago
get a pc or stay a fanboy!
BG11579  +   774d ago
Even PC game has been holded back by MS. Let's hope AMD's mantle and SteamOS will change this.
Game Windows Live is getting abanboned little by little. Change is coming.
HighResHero  +   774d ago
I have a PC but I think I'll keep my Playstations AND probably get a PS4....
You understand how people can have gaming PCs and still like Playstation hopefully.
I like that I will be able to actually own copies of most of my favorite titles.
If you think people take fanboyism too personally then we are in agreement though!
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MysticStrummer  +   774d ago
There are plenty of PC fanboys in the world, so your comment confuses me.
SignifiedSix91  +   774d ago

If you only believe MS is holding PC gaming behind, you're obviously a bias fanboy.

If you were smart, you'd know both consoles are holding PCs back. And it'll be like that for the rest of time unless consoles someday become modular.
Pogmathoin  +   774d ago
I love that you people adamantly deny being a fanboy while staunchly calling others out, eh mystic? Agree? I love my $ony, M$ and laptop....
kratos_TheGoat  +   774d ago
you can say the same things with ps3.third party will make their game all equal x1 is still powerful just ps4 has the edge
AceBlazer13  +   774d ago
this cancer to gaming needs some chemo
Gozer  +   774d ago
Until the ps4 can create a game that is on par graphically with Ryse, I wouldn't worry too much about the X1 holding anyone back.
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Majin-vegeta  +   774d ago
Umm SF completely destroys it.Either you're blind or need glasses.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   774d ago
My mans, have you seen The Order? Even if it was a trailer, the devs themselves said that they are going to surpass what was shown.

Oh and, Killzone.
Gozer  +   774d ago
Lol, Ryse wipes its ass with Killzone SF. You have to be pretty blind to see otherwise. If Ryse was for ps4 we would never hear the end to the praise of its graphics. You and every other sony fanbot on this website are just jealous.

@ abeastnamedtorque
The Order hasn't been shown yet. So until it is proven to look better, no need to even bother. Ryse is currently the graphics king of next gen so #dealwithit.

You are just trying to downplay Ryse because you are a sony fanbot. Seriously watch these 2 video and ask yourself which one looks better, everyone do that. Its obvious Ryse looks better, and that 1080p fluxiating 60fps v/s 900p and 30fps-
Killzone SF
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MysticStrummer  +   774d ago
Why do people keep saying Ryse is the best looking game? I really want to know what it is these people are looking at. There are better looking exclusives and multi plats on both consoles.
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xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   774d ago
This has to be sarcasm.
MizTv  +   774d ago
ABeastNamedTariq  +   774d ago
I'm talking about from a graphics standpoint -- not gameplay, if that's what you're saying (since we haven't seen any of The Order's gameplay). In my opinion, The Order visually looks better than Ryse. But Ryse is still very pretty.

Still, have you seen the gameplay images of The Order that were released in the newest issue of GameInformer? Come on! Lol.

Oh, and, you shouldn't use YouTube as a source of comparison. Video quality is crappy and compressed, and you can't appreciate the 60 frames p/second Killzone's MP offers.
christocolus  +   774d ago
i do like ryse graphics.i feel its really awesome.and im looking forward to more info on the story ...and fans need to stop complaining about this crap..ms holding back multiplat games....ps exclusives will be more and look better..where is the proof?are the games out ?let alone the consoles?instead of playing prophets why not let the consoles get out and stay out for at least 6months to a yr before proper analysis can be made on their game quality and quantity....and besides most comments here make it look like the xbx one games wont look better over time..these first batch of games are launch titles most moved from 360...so while sony has stuff cooking to take better advantage of the ps4 i.e the order , capcoms deep down,media molecule,infamous, nxt nd game ,next ssm game etc in the works also remember ms has devs doing same i.e 343 ,rare , good science,remedy,lionhead, blacktusk, insomniac games sunset ovrdrive etc in the works and even crytek stated they had started ground work for ryse2...both consoles will push out the best over time and we will see it via the products of their first and second party devs who take advantage of both consoles strengths...so chill out , stop whining and allow the devs do their job.

abusador  +   774d ago
Kz and infamous crap all over super linear, 900p Ryse lol Ryse is only special to fanboys. Third parties bumping ps4 version due to xbone will happen.

By the way killzone isn't fluctuating so stop the fanboy ness. Almost every single game locked in frame rate has a time or two where frame rate might dip a little due to craziness or number of explosions, assets on screen etc. Cod is 60fps game but this also happens on occassuon, stop using your biased fanboy spin on things. Kz sf mp looks better than anything I seen on both consoles and is 1080p, 60fps locked frame rate. Like any other 60fps game,

By the way honestly just bcus you say something looks the best, doesn't mean it is Lol Infamous def. Looks better and is open world, killzone also looks better imo
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Freedomland  +   774d ago

"Lol, Ryse wipes its ass with Killzone SF"

Just like highend PCs and nvidia cards on which Ryse was shown wipe their asses with X1.
After that Ryse specially downgraded just to be playable on your beloved X1.
Tooly  +   774d ago
haaaaaaaaaa @gozer you lost the argument before it start ryse haaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhaaaaaaaaaaha
HugoDrax  +   774d ago
And Tomb Raider on my PC craps all over the X360/PS3 version and would crap all over the XB1/PS4 version when it happens. Your point? Really you guys are disgusting for worshipping a company who could care less about you lol..
Brix90  +   774d ago
Ryse doesnt even hit 1080p...so I would say PS4 is wiping its ass with Ryse...the only reason people giving this game do much praise is because it's made by Crytek.
Ezz2013  +   774d ago

thanks for the videos that indeed show how much better KZSF look while having 1080p NATIVE
DigitalRaptor  +   774d ago
@ Gozer

inFamous: Second Son... open-world game, which has so much more going on that Ryse does. Non-linear, day and night cycle, dynamic weather, destructible environments, insanely fluid gameplay and animaions as well as being more detailed. Plus it has a higher native resolution, and runs at a higher frame rate.

Killzone: Shadow Fall... same deal. open-world style levels, much more going on screen than Ryse, with amazing looking environments, textures and particle effects. Higher native resolution. Higher frame-rate.

The Order: 1886... We might not have seen any gameplay yet, but it was just confirmed yesterday that the gameplay is exactly the same quality as we saw in the trailer (character models, LOD, weapon effects animation etc), which is mind-blowing. And again, the game has so much more going on, despite being just as linear as Ryse.

Real time PS4: http://a.pomf.se/6Zo4.gif
And again: http://a.pomf.se/3Aw1.gif
There is no Xbox One exclusive that looks on par with inFamous: Second Son. And Ryse is only impressive when control is taken away from you in the slow-motion parts such as an execution. I'd watch that Ryse video again.
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arexw  +   774d ago
This is exactly what the sonyponies deserve. The bashed the xbone and claimed that ps4 is divinely powerful and xbone is pure crap, when they comparing mazda with another mazda, and the pc being a lambo. All them sony pony deserve to have their version downgraded, i dont even feel bad.
In fact my dream is for microsoft to buy all the sony studios, naughty dog, polyphony, ssm, mm, all of them, and then sh** on the sony ponies and laugh their rich ass off, now all sony fangirls get is shi**y ports that get downgraded cos msoft has the big bucks. That would be amazing indeed, to see what the sony ponies would say then, oh gt is arcade dont matter, oh and killzone is bland and boring who cares.
AHAHAHA if i would win the lottery id invest everything and come back later and buy all the sony exclusives, just to trash the sony pony shit talkers. Then theyll claim indies is where its at, forget last of us 2 its all about the indies!!!
coolasj  +   774d ago
Bookmark this post, and come back in a few years. You'll be so embarrassed.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   774d ago
LMAO, so what you're saying is, you wish MS had all of Sony's first party studios so you can have their (fantastic) games on your console of choice?

Lol you be trolling. I give you a -1.
MizTv  +   774d ago
It's people like you that are happy to get ripped off
Brix90  +   774d ago
Keep dreaming buddy only in your wildest dreams.
kickerz  +   774d ago
Only people holding back gaming is you lot. So Fn negative. Can't u lot just enjoy gaming. You all think ps4 is so powerful, I would like to know how many of you dweebs have development kits. All I'm seeing at the moment is amazing looking games coming to both ps4 and Xbox 1. To me that's all that matters, not slightly different specs.
chrissx  +   774d ago
As a future Ps4 owner this sucks. but there's gonna be some real great exclusives that will make full use of Ps4s immense power. I'll tk that as a lil compensation
#3 (Edited 774d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
InTheLab  +   774d ago
That's fine. It will once again be up to Sony's 1st party to outclass everyone else for another gen.
MizTv  +   774d ago
I agree
It's been like that for 7 years now
MCTJim  +   774d ago
Exclusives are a nice bonus...only thing I am really interested in, is games..so I say bring on the consoles and let us get down to playing.
MightyNoX  +   774d ago
Microsoft continues to screw us over even if we don't buy their system. It's so evil, it's brilliant.
etownone  +   774d ago
And when the much weaker ps2 was holding back then original Xbox?

Anyways.... It all comes down to exclusives. Sony will put some great ones out.... So chill.

Let's wait a couple months and see how next gen goes.
FullmetalRoyale  +   774d ago
#downvote #nofirstamendment
InTheLab  +   774d ago
Except that didn't happen. The GTA trilogy on Xbox was the superior version and looked amazing compared to the PS2 version.

What held the Xbox back was the fact that no one but Americans bought the thing.
AnteCash  +   774d ago

Merrill  +   774d ago
This guy isn't a developer, so what does he know? PS4 version of multi-platform games will clearly be superior in visual quality.

Why would all the developers tell Sony what they want in a console then go and undermine them when it came time to program for the PS4??

They wanted 8GB of RAM, unified memory pool. They were also given a superior GPU, it will be put to good use...
MidnytRain  +   774d ago
"PS4 version of multi-platform games will clearly be superior in visual quality"

This should have been the case last gen but it still didn't happen.

"Why would all the developers tell Sony what they want in a console then go and undermine them when it came time to program for the PS4??"

Money. Business.
Merrill  +   774d ago
It didn't happen last gen BECAUSE of the PS4's complicated architecture. This time around, the PS4 & the Xbone have the same type of architecture(X84 CPU, AMD GPU)and the PS4's is just better(faster RAM, superior GPU).

There is nothing keeping the PS4 from looking better other than incompetence or money hating, which Sony would clearly not stand for, if it's obvious.

Also, some of the later multi-platform games do look better on the PS3, GTA 5 for example. The developers eventually caught on.
kalkano  +   774d ago

It didn't happen, because Microsoft didn't let it happen.
#7.1.2 (Edited 774d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report
Turkishflavor  +   773d ago
Show me an example.
EXVirtual  +   774d ago
Not all developers. Western ones like EA definitely will. Japanese ones won't bother with that much optimization for the XBO, for obvious reasons. If there games even make it on the XBO. But there's no excuse for them to deliberately aim for parity. Launch titles are un-optimized, but later on there's no excuse at all. They've been complaining about limitations for ages.
#8 (Edited 774d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
dark-kyon  +   774d ago
the ps4 is gonna have more exclusives what xbox one this time what the ps3,betwen jrpg,fighting games,namco bandai games,etc.yes the greedy westerns dev. gonna put his generics games in both systems but if sales do not do well in xbox one they gonna do the same what did with the wiiu.
obelix01  +   774d ago
Sony fanboys act like its between a ps4 & a Atari 2600 & not a X1. Please the ultra ultra fanboy BS is obnoxious. Not to mention ignorant.
majiebeast   774d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(1)
majiebeast  +   774d ago
NFS devs have already said one version looks better then the other then the article got tweeted by Yosp.

Multiplat devs cant afford to hold back PS4 ports, unless they want to get visually destroyed by PS4 exclusives.
jessupj  +   774d ago
They also can't afford to if they don't want to piss of all the early adopters of the PS4.

There's all this talk about the political issue of upsetting xbox owners if PS4 multiplats take advantage of the hardware and perform noticeably better.

Well what about upsetting all the PS4 owners by holding games back just for parities sake or MS's cheques?

I for one will not be supporting any multiplatform title that performs the same and I know I'm not alone.

If you buy an xbone you just need to accept the fact you're going to receive inferior multiplat titles. If you can't deal with that then buy a PS4.

Having said all that I'm sure Sony are well aware of this issue and have a plan to combat it.
#11.1 (Edited 774d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Brix90  +   774d ago
There gona haves to learn to accept it and love there console for what it is. I mean obviously PS3 owners were upset that we got less better looking multiplatform games due to ps3 cell architecture being complicated for 3rd party developers but it definitely shines when it came to PS3 exclusives.
Ashlen  +   774d ago
I think it's a little early to say how this will play out after the first year or two.

Microsoft will have to have large enough market share to be able to bully the publishers. Or they can spend money to buy parity.

But I doubt Microsoft will have the desire to buy parity much beyond the launch window. You only have to look at how fast they abandoned games development outside of Microsoft owned studios on the 360.

Either way it'll probably be a company by company thing. EA will probably always lean Microsoft but a company like Ubisoft will be harder to motivate with out enough market share. And the Japanese companies will be unlikely to bend especially if the PS4 has a large lead in units sold.

Only time will tell how things play out after the launch window.
#12 (Edited 774d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Grimhammer00  +   774d ago
This gen parity was an issue dorky because ps3 is about 10% -15% more powerful than 360.

It is too close.

Ps4 is significantly more powerful than xbone.
Parity will rear it's ugly head initially. But, 1st party games will shame third party I'd they pursue parity for sustained gen.
NatureOfLogic  +   774d ago
Lol, Xbox fanboys want parity because their console of choice is weaker.
Turkishflavor  +   773d ago
No. XBOX ONE is more powerful than PS4. Just look at RYSE and forza 5 beats everything on PS4.
mayberry  +   774d ago
Even if devs do code for parity, it would be an absolute embarssasment to the weaker console if the stronger console had significantly better exclusive games. All parity would show is, well,.... parity!
ghostrider32  +   774d ago
So basically when the new systems come out, I'm gonna have to use the mute feature often on the PS4 to avoid hearing people bitching about one system holding the other back.
jessupj  +   774d ago
Not if developers do the right thing and take advantage of each concoles hardware.
Hicken  +   774d ago
Uh... what?

Anyway, there was parity this gen for a few reasons, such as the PS4 being harder to develop for, and the 360 having an early lead in install base.

Oh, and MS pretty much demanding parity.

At best, only the last thing will be a factor, at least early on. But with the PS4 being so easy to develop for, and being more powerful, and having a larger install base at launch- face it, it's gonna happen- there isn't really a whole lotta reason to make versions equal for both systems.
maniacmayhem  +   774d ago
"Oh, and MS pretty much demanding parity."

What game did MS demand parity on? Please provide an answer to that specifically. Which game or games did MS demanded parity for.
Hicken  +   774d ago
Second Google search link, because the first is a forum(oh, but it may not count to you, since I didn't use Bing):


"Titles for Xbox 360 must ship at least simultaneously with other video game platform, and must have at least feature and content parity on-disc with the other video game platform versions in all regions where the title is available," it reads.

"If these conditions are not met, Microsoft reserves the right to not allow the content to be released on Xbox 360."

That's from over two years ago. Sounds like a demand for parity, to me.
maniacmayhem  +   774d ago
I see reading is secondary or maybe third nature to you.

So let me ask you the question I asked before....again:

"What game did MS demand parity on?"

You're quick to throw out that rule whenever it suits you and your kind but you have no proof that MS has ever done this to any company.

So again, I ask you...

What game did MS demand parity on?

I'm sure you can use your last bubble to reply and name a game using all powerful google search.

but we both know you won't ;-)
#16.2.3 (Edited 774d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report
Hicken  +   774d ago
Need for Speed. Call of Duty. Madden. FIFA. BlazBlue. Front Mission. Dragon Age.

If it's a multiplat, there's your answer.

Reading comprehension is apparently no strong suit of yours.

If the quoted comment is actual and factual, then EVERY multiplat game is the answer. It was an overarching policy for third party games; why the hell would I need to single one game out?

Why would Microsoft have to demand parity from a specific game when their policy demands it from ALL games?

Tell me true: are you stupid? Or is your desire to somehow prove me wrong- even when you can't- blinding you to good sense?
maniacmayhem  +   774d ago
So all those games you mentioned MS demanded parity from?

Meaning they had extra content specifically for PS3 but due to MS's policies it had to be stripped out in order to conform to MS's policy?

I didn't know that...maybe because it's not even close to the truth.

So instead of actually answering the question you just assumed that MS demanding parity part of the reason multiplat games where the same on each system? Even with no proof anywhere on the net of that claim.

Once again you regurgitate what others fed you and you spit it out here. Those games you mentioned has and had NOTHING to do with MS's parity rule.

Like the tool you are you latch on to it and use it as some excuse when a game doesn't come out the way you intended it to for the PS3. So in past examples you either scream the dev is lazy or MS forced parity for it.

Your first two reasons where more sound and made a lot more sense. How unfortunate that your bias, sony troll stupidity took over and you went and ruined it.

The rule from MS is there just like any other rule for any other business "We have the right to refuse service for any reason".

If you had any real knowledge of the industry (Gamestop doesn't count) you would see that Sony's TCR/TRC's have the same rules in place worded in awesome lawyer speak.
Nintendo does too and they even flexed it with The Binding of Isaac.
elhebbo16  +   774d ago
I'll just buy my multiplats on PC then *shrugs*
coolasj  +   774d ago
Developers should be doing the best job they can, disregarding stupid politics, and should be taking use of both systems hardware efficiently as possible. If either system is dragged down because the other can't handle it, I'll exercise my own parity by not buying that specific game and depending on publisher and developer history and severity, any of the other games they put out.
colonel179  +   774d ago
I wish they had the same approach as they did back in the SNES era, where the game really looked better in the better system. However, at least they should take advantage of each console's features. The PS4 has the Touch Pad, so they should really do a good work on implementing it with their games. The Xbox Controller has the rumble triggers, so they should use it in a clever way.

We all know that graphics wise things will be the same. Only people with microscopes will be able to identify any difference, so that's why they should focus on the features, and not just tack them on for the sake of saying it uses them.
quenomamen  +   774d ago
This new gen start to show which Devs ok, good and great. I'm sure Inglfinity Ward and Treyarch will keep pumping out the tired stuff they always do and cash the checks while Naughty Dog and Bioware will keep making the best games they can.
abusador  +   774d ago
I'm with you on that, I'm really hoping dice sets a precedence with Bf4 and has higher Rez on ps4 version bcus system is more capable. Seriously I have no problem not buying a third party developer hame if i know thy are gimping ps4 version just bcus. I mean on my ps3 80% of the time I game on exclusives,
#19.1 (Edited 774d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
dillhole  +   774d ago
Dear Devs that aim to get the best out of the PS4 rather than settling for the Xbone standard - speak up and you'll get my custom.
Thunderhawkxbox  +   774d ago
Another BS article by Sony fans if ps4 can't do 1080p don't blame Xbox one I never seen that many immature fan boys in my life just learn tiny bit from other console fan boys leave it and play it own console don't blame other consoles if Sony lied to u said BS like they did with ps3
solidboss07  +   774d ago
Of course they will aim for parity, like this gen that doesn't mean that they will be successfull. As next gen progresses then the XBone will struggle (it is struggling now) and when a game on it struggles with frame rate and screen tear logic states that the same game will be butterly smooth on PlayStation.
This is not important though. Exclusives on PlayStation will show what the console can do, like this gen on PS3, only more significant because of the 'different' differences between the next consoles.
I wish these stupid articles would stop. No body expects huge multi plat differences. But what ever differences are present will favour the PS4.

(I read through my response and in my mind I sounded like Donald Rumsfeld 'different differences ect.
D.R. 'there are known unknowns' and unknown unknowns, meaning that there are things that we know we know, and things that we don't know we know......')
#22 (Edited 774d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
coopman300  +   774d ago
In all honesty ps4 games wont look THAT much better. Certainly not this "blow out of the water" stuff people are saying. But its like I always say, graphics dont make the game, i've played some beautiful games that were complete garbage from a game standpoint. I've also played games that have less than stellar graphics that were insanely good from a games standpoint. Just cause a game looks good doesnt make it good and vice versa. Just enjoy the games on your console and stop trying to crap on everybody else, fanboys make all of us look bad.
Godlovesgamers  +   774d ago
"In all honesty ps4 games wont look THAT much better."

Correction, Third Party PS4 games might not look that much better. But you better believe that first part PS4 exclusives are going to look leaps and bounds more graphically advanced, just as they did on the PS3, because they will be tooled specifically to take full advantage of the hardware advantage that the PS4 has.

Seriously, not trolling, but a lot of the PS3 first party games that have come out in the past 2 years or so, already look next gen; Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, GoW III, GoW Ascension, KZ2, KZ3, TLOU, etc... so there is a real tangible advantage on the PS platform.

I don't have a problem with the Xbone apart from the obvious spying/privacy/consumer rights violations.

I agree with you though, fanboyism is garbage... nothing but an obviously show of insecurity and lack of self worth.
Turkishflavor  +   773d ago
Than why do RYSE and FORZA 5 Look better than ALL ps4 titles?
Godlovesgamers  +   773d ago
Sorry, but GoW 3 still looks as good if not better than Ryse. I also think that judging games before you play them, much less before you even own a next gen console with which to play them is pointless.

If you want me to play your game though, neither title you mentioned looks better than KZ:SF.

I think that just like with PS3, as we get a few years into the life of the PS4, were really going to see some first party sony games that cant be touched by other consoles.

Time will tell.
BadlyPackedKeebab  +   774d ago
Again and again... The reason devs go for parity is they don't want it all over the net that one version is weaker than the other. Its human nature... If you think a game is a poor mans version you might just not bother at all. Think of it this way... You are happy to buy an iPhone 4. Once the 5 is out the 4 seems less attractive even though it's exactly the same propersition that was available in the absence of the 5. The key thing though is many people will not want a new console so may just not bother full stop as they will of heard stuff like "oh the Xbox version is weak" etc.
Ashlen  +   774d ago
If it was as simple as that, why would a company like EA who is a 3'rd party create exclusives for one console when there is more money to be made by multi-platform?

People aren't going to be saying lets not buy "game x" because it's weaker they will be saying lets not buy Xbox because it's weaker.

Deals were made behind closed doors, they have an agenda and part of that is helping to push MS consoles.

And my opinion is those deals were made in exchange for MS limiting used sales by the now defunct DRM.
#24.1 (Edited 774d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Jack_Reacher  +   774d ago
You know what. I dont know about anybody else around here, but I for one am getting a bit piss*d off with been told if your a fanboy your basically a gimp. Or a tw*t. Or whatever......

Here is a bit of shock news to some of you. Everyone and I mean everyone will have something that they are so passionate about that they will come across been deluded when it comes to others opinions. So what people have different tastes, shock news.

I hate M$ and you know what tough if some of you dont like it. I'm pretty sure plenty hate Sony. For me its tough too.

I think what i'm trying to get at here is that its always going to be that way. Some of you need to take a chill pill.

So not matter if its, Sony or M$ or PC you love just try to remember...................... .......................

Lets all pick on the WII U!!!!!!

No sorry only joking.
Jazz4108  +   774d ago
sounds about right to me not much difference in the Ps4 and One
xKugo  +   774d ago
Get ready for devs to hold back the PS4 on nearly ALL multi-plats. Good thing I have PC...don't have to worry about that bullshit.
Godlovesgamers  +   774d ago
Yeah you're right, you don't have to worry about that B.S., but the B.S. you have to deal with is not being able to play some really great console exclusives and dealing with hassle of gaming on non-standardized hardware, having to download new drivers or wait for driver patches so that your game runs like it should've or even having to pay a few hundred $$$ just to upgrade your system so that you can play the next system hardware killer.

I think I'll just opt for being able to put the game disc in my PS4 and enjoy playing it without those aforementioned worries and hassles. I was a PC gamer for years, the grass isn't exactly greener on the pc side of gaming either.
t3rrorc3ll  +   774d ago
#27.1.1 (Edited 774d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
t3rrorc3ll  +   774d ago
xKugo yeah okay you've got a pc. Sure you do. My tic tac sized penis friend
xKugo  +   774d ago
Why are you constantly pm'ing me about my penis? You gay for cock, bro? Aren't you supposed to be at your 6 figure job working? Instead you're here day-dreaming about blowing a college kid. LMAO

Looked up your comment history, btw. So wait at first you had a i7 3770k, then you had a i5 2500k, and now the lie is you have an i7 2700k? Cool story, bro. Btw, I didn't know you could run BF3 at Ultra at "80-180fps". 180 frames? AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I didn't know they made monitors that could display that... Please tell me how you manage that, lol

"I have core I5 2500k 16.gb ram and 2xgtx670 sli and have never seen battlefield 3 drop below 100fps on ultra 4xmsaa and high aa hbao" Erm excuse me, I didn't know you could run 100 fps on 60hz monitor. Tell me genius how you did that. I thought you had 8gb of RAM, btw?????? o_O

"I enable v sync so get constant butter smooth 60fps will be 120fps when I get 120Hz monitor."Hmmm...now how in the hell can you see 100 if your monitor can't display it??? Nice grammer btw, lmao. You get paid 6 figures, but you can't even create a decent sentence? Yea, right.

Oh how the lies keep piling up, for you. I suggest you just shut-up and stop your spinning. Catching you is to fucking easy..
#27.2.1 (Edited 774d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
t3rrorc3ll  +   774d ago
I did have a 2500k then upgraded to a 2700k because a friend wantedthe 2500. The 3770k was a planned upgrade but didnt happen because the deal fell through then I couldnt be bothered for such a small increase in performance. Also upgraded ram. What's so hard about any of that? Youre so funny that you're taking two different posts from two different times when I had upgraded between.

And nice to be a grammar Nazi hey! It's a forum you take spelling and grammar way to seriously. And for you genius you can run non vsynced for higher fps but will suffer screen tearing. God damned you are so bloody retarded.
#27.2.2 (Edited 774d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
badkolo  +   774d ago
so last gen all multi plats looked better on the 360 because oit was easier to program for but now because your all scared crapless that the x1 will be better in the end, now your saying there will be parity, there wasnt parity last gen, 95% of all multiplat games were better on 360, why? because the ps3 was harder to code for , so there was no parity there , but now there will be??? your all going to be dissapointed once again
t3rrorc3ll  +   774d ago
Same spew you bring forth all the time. Fact: there is a power difference, is it huge? no, is it significant? Yes, What will it mean? Maybe slightly higher resolution like 900p vs 1080p and a few more FPS. Stop downplaying everything as it's too late for Microsoft. The Xbox one will be good and multiplats will be parity but the exclusives will speak. And as yet there is nothing but a static racing game that is at 1080p on Xbox one.

Edit: forget it. I really don't care anymore. You fanboys fight it out. I've had xKugox talking on pm about how i could not possibly have a sli gtx670 pc and prefer playing on console, apparently that's just definitely not possible, so now I've just given up and realised its just his jealousy of having a really small Asian penis
#28.1 (Edited 774d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
thexmanone  +   774d ago
PS4 bots on damage control. When multi plats come out and look better on Xbox one. They will come back to this article and say its because of parity. Just saying
t3rrorc3ll  +   774d ago
You're in for a shock mate. The architectures of both are pretty much the same and the ps4 is more powerful than the Xbox one. The games will look slightly better, have higher resolutions and higher frame rates on the ps4 compared to the Xbox one
badkolo  +   774d ago
show proof of this, so far the x1 games look better
reko  +   771d ago

show proof of this? so far the ps4 games look better.
jessupj  +   774d ago
It's amazing that time after time xbots just throw facts and logic out the window. At least Sony fanboys have a lot of truth to their comments most of the time, but MS apologists just like spewing bullsh*t all the time and stick their heads in the sand when someone starts putting forth the facts.

The PS4 is significantly more power than the xbone. That is fact. Deal with it.
CorporateBullshit  +   774d ago
Didn't Sony state the ps2 was more powerful then the dreamcast when it clearly wasn't,then we had the ps3 which again was claimed to have more grunt.

I have both just like I had a snes and mega drive just as are have a ps4 and xboxone.

There was never parity with the 360 and ps3 on third party games..they still look and run better on the 360.

I don't trust both companies but the xboxone games are already looking smoother and better,certainly at launch.
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