The Wolf Among Us – Episode 1: Faith Review [Capsule Computers]

Simon Wolfe of Capsule Computers writes:

"Those that pass up The Wolf Among Us because they aren’t as familiar with Fables, or haven’t seen it saturating the market as much as The Walking Dead will definitely miss out. A different beast of a game that focuses on trying to solve a difficult case, instead of pure survival. It is thanks to these differences that The Wolf Among Us is able to hold its own. This isn’t just rehashing old ideas with a new property, this is really something new and different, but just as good because it is from a team that knows how to make a good game and story."

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ZacE1808d ago

Can honestly say that this review has turned me around. I'll definitely be getting it now, although I might wait as they always release a special edition compilation at the end of it all.