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TG - "Most next-gen GPU launches are a simple affair: Launch one model, then another, and then another. AMD’s latest series is a bit different. In advance of its forthcoming flagship R9 290X, the company decided to push all of its mainstream parts off of the truck at once. So, let’s get started, first with a look at the $299 R9 280X."

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WarThunder1741d ago

Awesome card!

Its slightly faster and cost $100 less than the GTX770.

bumnut1741d ago

Minimum framerate is higher on 770 though, which is an important factor people often overlook.

MidnytRain1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Is it true that Radeon cards have higher maxes, but lower bottoms, making their frame rates more unstable??

Deividas1741d ago

The difference in min framerate is so minor its not a big deal at all. If it was off by like 20 frames, then yes. 3 on the other hand, not an issue

bumnut1741d ago

Minimum framerate is what stops a game from becoming jerky, it can make the difference between playable and unplayable.

Not in that particular benchmark admittedly

duplissi1740d ago


No that is not true, it really depends on the game as some perform better on one or the other.

awi59511740d ago

Im getting 50 fps on ultra in multiplayer in the beta on my 7000 series cards. So with new drivers that are going to come out with the game i shouldnt have to upgrade at all for this one.

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ATi_Elite1741d ago

PLus the Temperatures and Noise benchmarks are all better on the R9 280 vs. GTX770

The GTX 770 beats the R9 280 by 10 watts but that's better than past cards when AMD would lose by 40 or more.


I still wish AMD named it HD280 instead of R9 280.

Better yet ATi HD280 Elite now that sounds like a Killer Card. wink wink

elhebbo161741d ago

Best card for the money imo.

Deividas1741d ago

My first one arrives on Monday! Pretty excited to run my own benchmarks for this!

windblowsagain1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

I'm guessing those fps will increase with mantle being used. and early days driver wise.

iamgoatman1741d ago

The 280x is just a rebranded 7970, and the drivers are already pretty mature so don't expect any real bumps in performance you'd normally see with new hardware and early drivers.

However, here's hoping mantle delivers!

GinjaNinja1739d ago

Old chipsets just tweaked a bit more..... sigh AMD what are you doing?