PS Vita Slim batteries are now replaceable

Remember how Sony is against people replacing the battery of the original PS Vita? Well, that all changes with the PS Vita Slim as Sony is now allowing people to actually replace it.

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HolyDuck1770d ago


Replaceable batteries in 2013? What a stupid idea!

HolyDuck1770d ago

It was sarcasm, you see. Apparently according to all those sony fans, nothing should have replaceable batteries because this is 2013.

iamnsuperman1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )


I can't make my mind up about you. So the first comment was sarcasm (hint make this aware to people as sarcasm only works through the tone in your voice which is something that is a little difficult to do in a comment). Then you go onto attack a group. Is that sarcasm too because it is a fairly moronic statement to make (if it wasn't sarcasm). This clearly isn't the same situation as what you are implying. Anyone who looked at the story picture could deduce that

HellzAssassin1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Damn, that guy's sarcasm was so damn obvious. He got disagrees because you guys thought he was serious!? Well, maybe not you, but still. Though your comment was pretty funny too.

But than I can't support him in it's pathetic second statement.

UltimateMaster1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

If you want to be sarcastic, you need: /s
at the end of your sentence, or: lol, jk.

UltimateMaster1769d ago

PSP-2000 had replacement batteries, I see a pattern here.

So, when will the Vita Go be released?

ALARM-clock1769d ago

Did nobody here actually read the article. You don't use disposable batteries with a PSVita, they're just giving the option to change out the rechargeable ones. This opens the option to replace the battery yourself should it fail, which sure beats sending it in for 'repair'. Besides it also opens the third party option.

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Salooh1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

It is bad if you change it every 3 days(Looking at the Xbox controller). This is a little bad too compared to the fat vita IF the batteries are weaker. If not then it's a great option to replace it when something happened to the vita.

Even if it is bad i have the fat vita so it's not of my concern .

jeffgoldwin1770d ago

I think the idea here is that they are replaceable, rechargeable batts not disposable batteries that you can change out every year or 2 once the natural progression of the battery life has gotten shorter.

kratos_TheGoat1770d ago

i dont mind changing replaceable batteries on the xbox 360/1 as well

jeffgoldwin1770d ago

Ya I prefer the freedom to replace my own batteries, tyvm. Apple and Sony sure got people drinking the Kool-Aid if you think soldered in batteries are superior in any way.

Kudos to the new Vita for offering that option. Gotta give credit where it's due. However, the new Vita's changed from an oled screen to a cheaper lcd screen. Not real happy with that move.

Hicken1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Soldered in batteries? You can ONLY be talking about Apple, as such a thing isn't present in ANY Sony device I know of. Not my DualShock 3, not my Vita.

Oh, it's just you, jeff. Not surprised you're going on some misinformation.

Edit: and it's not nearly the same as using AA batteries. Come on, guys. Enough with the straw grasping.

KonsoruMasuta1770d ago

Nobody is talking about replaceable batteries. It's disposable batteries batteries, that's what people are complaining about. AA, in 2013 is kind of weird, you have to admit.

But I suppose that making people buy your charge and play kits is a good business move, looking at it from a money making prospective.

It just doesn't look good from the perspective of a consumer.

jeffgoldwin1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Rechargeable AA batteries have been out now for over 15 years. And you haven't heard of them, how?

kB01770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

I dont understand your comment....

A lot of devices have built in batteries in order to save on size of devices and cost...

What Sony fans have EVER commented on batteries? Even DS 3 controllers have replaceable batteries and instructions on how to take them apart.

I do believe that changing batteries is important and I prefer it, but if it means saving size and having a more durable device I'd rather have built in.

A lot of devices I've had that had built in batteries felt a lot sturdier imo:P but I love the idea of being able to replace the battery instead of buying another unit to hold a charge.

Just a delusional comment.

Edit: look at his bubbles, it's pretty obvious that he is a pot stirrer, and his profile picture is probably real:) I dunno which is worse!

GraveLord1770d ago

Replaceable lithium-ion batteries are stupid actually. I've never had one of these die on me. Maybe others have? I guess good for them..

If your defending your Xbox One, don't. Using AA batteries in 2013 IS a stupid idea.

XisThatKid1769d ago

for once I agree with HolyDuck (hate that pick too)It was just sarcasm and Sony was chastised for not allowing this from the jump but I got over it personally now my Vita has to be charged like 2-3 times a day with continuous use plus 3G apossed to 1-2 last year

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plmkoh1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

"Remember how Sony is against people replacing the battery of the original PS Vita? "

What, the original was replaceable by the user

XisThatKid1769d ago

LOL that was posted 666days aho as of now. but yea I know if a battery is in there it can be replaced but it's just a matter of convenience and accessability. I more than likely replace my batt in a few months after my PS4 comes home plus I have a baby due same day. not too much gaming done then.

Pancit_Canton1770d ago

You can do this too on the orginal Vita. You just have to know what your doing.

Chupa-Chupa1770d ago

I haven't had any issues with my original Vita's battery. I can go for days sometimes even weeks without a charge on normal use. Youtube, netflix,movies.

gunboss2011766d ago

same goes for me.. I can leave it there for 3 days solid and it's around 1-2 bars gone.. But I wished I could replace it next time (Currently only China has the battery replacement jobs, dont really trust them now..)

nikrel1770d ago

Holy duck is such a Troll, wish we could ban him.

dcj05241769d ago

Did they not teach you sarcasm in english class?

M-M1769d ago

Did you not look at his comment history?

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