PS3 Mistakes have become the PS4 strengths

Omnigamer writes, "Here we are ladies and gentlemen! In a little over a month we’ll have our hands on the next generation of consoles. Omnigamer would like to thank both Microsoft and Sony for giving us some advanced hardware that’s still power consumption conscientious. In this article Omnigamer will dive into how Sony’s learned from previous mistakes to make a huge leap forward with their new console."

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ZodTheRipper1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

It's biggest strength will still be the first party support, just like it was with the last Playstations.
All these new features and the simpler architecture are nice but that's not the reason I'm going with Sony again.

ghostrider321804d ago

Let's hope to God they don't get Seto Kaiba arrogant again.

BG115791803d ago

"and you shouldn’t need to stand in line for three days just to get one on launch day." unless there is too much demand, which seems to be case.