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Microsoft's Phil Spencer: Xbox One Will "Deliver the Best Content" When it'll Launch in Japan

Head of Microsoft Game Studios Phil Spencer has been vocal about the fact that Japan is still a focus market for Microsoft and Xbox, despite the abysmal local performance of the Xbox 360, and he expressed great confidence in the content Xbox One will deliver to the archipelago of the Rising Sun when the console will launch. (Phil Spencer, Xbox One)

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GTgamer  +   690d ago
But who will Care not the Japanese i could tell you that.
nukeitall  +   690d ago
Well, it seems like MS is shifting strategy this time, so who knows. They might not strike gold, but maybe silver?
OrangePowerz  +   690d ago
Didn't seem like the Japanese games helped them with the 360.
HammadTheBeast  +   690d ago
Lost Odyssey was a great japanese-focused game, yet didn't do much.
HelpfulGamer  +   690d ago
" R18 Doujinshi Game Flooding Xbox One at Comiket 2014! Thanks to every Xbox One Can Be Used To Make Games "

Lol, like that could possibly happen, right? XD
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amiga-man  +   690d ago
The Japanese have made their decision the PS4 selling out pre orders pretty much as soon as they became available, the Japanese can apprieciate a quality product and M$ will have a hard time convincing them that the xbone is anything other than second rate.
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DeadManIV  +   690d ago
Not even bronze
P0werVR  +   690d ago
Yes, Microsoft's experience with failure in Japan seems to have caught on this time around and are approaching this fairly well.
nypifisel  +   690d ago
As much as the Americans prefer the Xbox for being American made the Japanese even more go for Japanese products. They're quite xenophobic to be honest. The Xbox One is dead on arrival in Japan, it's a fact lol.
Studio-YaMi  +   689d ago

That statement is so untrue ! if that's the case then why is it that APPLE merchandises sell like hot cakes in Japan and most of Asia !?

I don't know why the Japanese reject the Xbox,but that's the end of it,it's not because it's American or what not.
UltimateMaster  +   689d ago
Microsoft couldn't sell the Xbox 360 to the Japanize with a lower price and a ton of bought JRPG exclusives.

Now that the PS4 is Marginally Superior and a lower price range, how the hell do you think it'll even sell a dent?

Microsoft is just wasting their time, but by all means, try and fail over and over again.

It's not that Japan doesn't want American Product, Apple's iPhone is a success over there.
But in general, they are much more portable console players than home console players unlike us.
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MASTER_RAIDEN  +   689d ago
there was a period during which the xbox 360 had quite a few japanese releases in an extremely short amount of time. japan didnt budge then. they wont budge during the xbox one release date either. perhaps dead risings timed exclusiveness will generate some weak fumes, but MS is just never going to win over japan.
abzdine  +   690d ago
lol again they're talking instead of showing what they're up to (if that's really the case).. he didn't even announce the japanese date.
iamnsuperman  +   690d ago
I think that speaks the most about their commitment to Japan. I don't see them releasing it in Japan soon after it releases elsewhere (considering other regions have been told they will get it early 2014).

It isn't a dig at Microsoft as I don't blame them. They tried to hit the market last generation which failed which brings up the question of is it worth it? What Phil is saying doesn't reflect what they are publicly doing
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nukeitall  +   690d ago
It's too early for MS to discuss it. MS doesn't even have a launch date for Japan yet.

Do Sony talk about their Japanese launch plans yet?
majiebeast  +   689d ago

Yes Sony has already discussed the PS4 launch line up and games in a special Japan oriented press conference a week before TGS.
DOOMZ  +   690d ago
Thats because they are Nationalists. Unlike Westerners, they have pride in their companies. Go figure...
SlavisH2  +   690d ago
i completely agree. Its sad on us! Only westerners complain about jobs going overseas but buy overseas products. smfh.
warczar  +   689d ago
don't call microsoft an american corporation. 360's are made in china.
Back-to-Back  +   689d ago
If someone makes a good product who cares where it comes from.
DOOMZ  +   689d ago
Its an American/Western company...
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mrpsychoticstalker  +   690d ago
Japanese devs. And that's what matters.
ajax17  +   690d ago
Seriously, like they'll ever produce something like Monster Hunter. They'll never have a presence there like Sony or Nintendo.
d3nworth1  +   689d ago
Monster Hunter Frontier was released for 360 but it didnt help it much. If monster hunter can't get your console to sell in Japan then there's no hope.
Magicite  +   690d ago
Will X1 launch in Japan before PS4? Anybody knows when X1 launches in east?
Blaze929  +   690d ago
all these Japanese spokespeople on N4G. Please, tell us what else the Japanese feel, care, and are planning to do.

Maybe, MAYBE they might actually turn some heads this time around with Xbox One. It's just so funny the attitude around here towards Microsoft.

What happened to being optimistic? Anything that effects PlayStation even .01% is evil to you all lol. smh
GTgamer  +   689d ago
U must a real delusional fanboy to think Japan will turn to xboxone now ur living in a dream world what are your reasons that japan might turn please ill like to know. Unless Sony and Nintendo walk on stage and say screw japan then Xbox might sell allot their smfh MS got u good no coming back now
Hicken  +   689d ago
And what are they going to use to turn heads?

They're talking about it. About how they'll have the "best content," but they don't have the first game announced for the Japanese market. They have ONE studio in Japan, and they're gonna need more than that to appeal to the Japanese market. If they had five or six Lost Odyssey-level games available for... whenever the XB1 launches in Japan, they might be looking at some real interest.

But one thing they'll have to do- which they haven't really shown they can do in ANY region- is prove they can continue supporting the console with games for more than a few years.

The PS4 can sell almost entirely on track record in Japan: what Sony's done as far as games hasn't changed much since the PS1 days. But Microsoft has no such history, particularly in Japan. So they're gonna have to bring the big guns, and keep em coming.

Optimism usually has a cause. Groundless optimism is pretty much the same as stupidity. Right now, there isn't really any reason to optimistic about the XB1 in Japan.
LoveSpuds  +   689d ago

Spot on squire, more important than any advantage in terms of power or price is the legacy each brand has.

Sony have always delivered amazing content throughout the life of their consoles and have provided countless amazing experiences and memories for hundred's of millions of fans.

MS made a good impression early on in the first few years of the 360 but just look at their track record over the last 3 years or so - very poor!
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   689d ago
Maybe, MAYBE they might actually turn some heads this time around with Xbox One. It's just so funny the attitude around here towards Microsof

Ha ha ermmm no...
rainslacker  +   689d ago
You do know that Japanese gamers are just like the gamers everywhere else in the world right? They bicker over fan boy nonsense, and have console preferences like all of us.

Games sell the console, but it generally takes more than a great game every once in a while to maintain sales. MS didn't really do that in Japan this gen, and I'm sure most Japanese gamers will remember that. MS is going to have a harder time in Japan than they are having everywhere else, simply because the current Xbox just isn't popular there.

I don't know for sure, but I wouldn't doubt that in many Japanese gamers mind it is considered a lesser console. The only credible report I've seen on how Japanese gamers feel about the Xbox line is that it is a niche super hardcore product. Whether that is how the owners of it feel, or the general perception of it I can't really say though. I know there are those on here who are probably closer to Japan than me, perhaps they can enlighten us.

Either way, MS has an uphill battle to get sales there that surpass the 360.
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MizTv  +   689d ago
Just looking at past xbox sales in japan many think it won't go down very well
But I agree who knows mabye they will
Time will tell
Modi1984  +   689d ago
Lost Odyssey II .. and i w'll pre-order X1 right now
IHassounah  +   689d ago
From what I heard , a lot of Japanese were praising Forza 5 and the
Xbox One
MizTv  +   689d ago
But will Japan think so?
Hakoom  +   690d ago
just like it did with x360 lol
NOT ! :)
Software_Lover  +   690d ago
It actually did have more games, in the beginning, garnered for that market. They just don't care for the product.
DigitalRaptor  +   690d ago
Microsoft bought those games, and later in its life, things were barren.

Now I know Microsoft is rumoured to have a Japanese exclusive under their belts, but people need to understand that Sony has for the Japanese audience:

- Yakuza
- Guilty Gear
- Lily Bergamo
- Natural Doctrine
- Deep Down
- Knack
- Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

And whatever else they have in terms of third party exclusivity, as it's never been a hard sell for third parties to make exclusive games for PlayStation platforms - now it's even easier.

Microsoft are currently on a PR-led road of impossibilities. Are they even interested in where Japanese tastes lie, as a company?
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Computersaysno  +   690d ago
Microsoft's recent consoles have gone down in Japan about as well as little boy and fat man did.

That is the problem all American consoles are going to have over there.
Hakoom  +   690d ago
I saw a photo on a few japanese stores
it had a sign post that said
"western trash" (in japanese)
and it had xbox consoles below that for sale
if i could just find the photos i would post them

iam not trying to say xbox is trash.. what iam just trying to say is that japanese ppl dont give a F*** about xbox and the x1 will sink like the 360 did..
from the beach  +   690d ago
Must be sitting on some sweet announcements.

Wonder what their new Japan studio is cooking up?
andrewsqual  +   690d ago
Yeah, shame they failed to say something at the biggest Japanese gaming convention a month ago. Microsoft PR in full force and can't be stopped. They must be going for a Guinness Book World record. Either that or there is nothing "cooking up". Choose which one it is.
Foxgod  +   690d ago
They would open up whole HQ in Japan full of talented developers, and you expect thre might be a chance they are doing absolutely nothing? great logic...
from the beach  +   690d ago
Considering the sheer onslaught of game announcements at E3 and Gamescom, it wasn't too surprising not to see more in Tokyo.

Probably keeping some powder dry until nearer the Japan launch.
Infamous298  +   690d ago
@foxgod not as talented as Sony's japan studio LOL.
hazardman  +   690d ago
I commend MS for atleast trying! To make an impact you gotta have games that cater to that market Lost Odyssey,Crimson Dragoon and Blue Dragon can only take you so far...invest in some awesome JRPGs and you sales might go up 1%...lol.....
D_RoyJenkins  +   690d ago
Even if it does the Japanese won't care. MS made deals for exclusive jrpgs on the 360 and it still didn't win them over
Infernostew  +   689d ago
I doubt many of those companies will make the same mistake after that financial hit.
MontyQ  +   690d ago
I'm sure the 3 people in Japan waiting for the Xbone well be thrilled at this news.
Freedomland  +   690d ago
Way to go MontyQ

Man, you nailed it.
lifeisgamesok  +   690d ago
Sounds promising. I can already see myself buying more games this gen than any other
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   690d ago
They will probably announce some sweet JRPGs at the start of the gen and then drop support a few years later. Happened with the 360 so why would the Xbox One be any different. This is how they get early adopters.
I could be wrong and I hope I'm wrong but that's what they did at the start of this gen.
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5eriously  +   689d ago
[HarryMasonHerpderp + 9h ago
... but that's what they did at the start of this gen.]
Also at the end of this gen. Where was the M$ love for the Xbox community and supporters the last few years. Titles was scares and new IP's non existent, titles earmarked for the 360 was abdicated to the eXB0Ne. Shame on you M$, for me your words are like your "Cloud" absolutely thin air and NO Power! I do not contemplate for a nanosecond that any Japanese gamer will take any M$ gaming representatives word as honourable! They learned from the past!
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christocolus  +   690d ago
i like the fact ms is still launching in japan .some of my best titles this gen where games developed in japan including some ms exclusive titles.i.e lost odysee and blu dragon.i hope same happens next gen..pls ms besides the rpgs pls resurect phantum dust,otogi and blinx.
TechMech2  +   690d ago
Xbox!!!!!!!!!!!!!one!!!!!!!!!! !!!halo!!!!!!!!!forza!!!!!!!!!! xbox live!!!!!!!!!!!!achievements!! !!!!!!!!!
Abriael  +   690d ago
Motivational mantra?
TechMech2  +   690d ago
I start out whispering those words and keep repeating them, slowly getting louder until I'm screaming intensely.
5eriously  +   689d ago
I feel the pain for you guys, Shame on M$, it's just that all the screaming and hoping and begging and crying are going to bring you nowhere. M$ does not care about you gamers only profits. The run-off to the end of this gen and their E3 start right up to until now with this new gen does not instil any confidence at all. I for eXB_0Ne do not trust them at all.
TechMech2  +   689d ago
I have halo. I'm fine.
Infamous298  +   690d ago
Microsoft cant win the japanese gamers, i think they should focus more on the USA since sony is going to dominate this region.
Blaze929  +   689d ago
Microsofts been dominating in North America for what 3 straight yeas now? Should Sony give up there too?
thejigisup  +   690d ago
Come on guys give ms a break they could use one right about now. Ms could really turn things around in japan it'd be damn hard but they've got the finances to do miraculous things. We'll have to wait and see. Though I don't understand why they are waiting, it's not good for business when the scales are tipped so far in favor of Sony especially there. They need a wide factor, something that the Japanese absolutely need in their homes. Sony has that market cornered already psvita tv is going to be crazy big there, vita is some sort of skeletor zombie coming back from a content critical death, this thing is finally going to be the piece of hardware the nay sayers have been expecting and then some. With psvita vita tv and ps 4 Japan is going to have their hands full. Ntm their ps+ is absolutely insane. People just getting vita tv are going to have more fun than they ever imagined with that thing.
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FrigidDARKNESS  +   690d ago
Every Xbox One is a Dev kit for aspiring Indie Devs in Japan. This could be the Ace that MS needs to win over Japanese Gamers.
EXVirtual  +   690d ago
Where did you hear that? And anyways, you're getting too excited. The XBO will FAIL in Japan. Don't expect anything different. Plus, a Japanese dev (let alone indie) would not make an XBO exclusive. They'd flop.
@Software, no. Must have missed or forgotten that.
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Software_Lover  +   690d ago
Every XBone is a dev kit. You haven't heard that?
CRAIG667  +   690d ago
He's correct all xbox one consoles were designed to double as dev kits, you just need the appropriate licensing from MS.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   690d ago
You must be new to this forum it has been posted few times.


May be next year when gamers can convert their x1 to a dev kit.
MasterCornholio  +   690d ago
Um all you people have it wrong. All Xbox Ones will be limited developer kits shortly after launch. This means that they won't have the same functionality as full developer kits but you can still create content with them.

Nexus 7 2013
JasonKCK  +   690d ago
EXVirtual you been here long enough to know. FAIL!
5eriously  +   689d ago
[Software_Lover + 9h ago
Every XBone is a dev kit. You haven't heard that?]

But unfortunately not every "dev kit" or "dev" will be a developer. Maybe you like the type of apps and games for Android in their apps stores, I for one think it will be a total mess for the gaming consoles if thousands of garbage utils apps and games are "developed" for the consoles. Then there are the hackers? Do you really believe every eXB0Ne will be a dev kit? Like hell M$ will allow that! Why was Linux removed from the PS3 again? Think buddy Think with those goddamn neurons!
rainslacker  +   689d ago
They had XNA on the 360, which is a lesser version of pretty much the same thing, but suitable enough for most homebrew/hobbyist projects. For a successful indie project, high numbers are more important than having full access to a dev kit. You want people to be able to play the game. Just because you build it, doesn't mean people will come to play it.

The number of hobbyists out there is not enough to really sustain a market, and I doubt it will be their Ace in the hole. It's great they do it, but PC is open enough, and mobile is pretty accessible and more widely used. Sony also has it's own developer program in the form of PS Mobile, which is akin to XNA.
EXVirtual  +   690d ago
'Japan is still a focus market for Microsoft'
Well, it shouldn't be. They're wasting there time. They can through around all the money they want, but a Japanese dev will NOT make an XBO exclusive. It would flop farther than a fish.
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TechMech2  +   690d ago
Xbox one will fail in japan. Microsoft should focus its efforts on America, where it actually could sell very well.
Mikelarry  +   690d ago
when will ms get it the japanese do not like your console no matter how much you try to make your presence known they do not care. ms is like that ex gf that cannot take a hint
Software_Lover  +   690d ago
Microsoft has no chance selling more consoles in Japan than Sony, unless they rebrand it as the Apple One and make it all white.

I applaud them for trying, but I just truly believe they should not invest too much in that demographic. If they want to make a dent, they need to make a handheld and get the Japanese devs on board for that.
Max-Zorin  +   690d ago
MS give it up already. Just skip japan. They will not bat an eye no matter what you do.
Rai  +   690d ago
Their best chance was the 360..it was cheaper, it was smaller, it was able to stand both vertically and horizontal so it saved a lot of room for the smaller apartments there.

Now its a much more powerful version of the original Xbox..with a camera. The console takes up to much room for a Japanese home.
MightyNoX  +   690d ago
Talk is cheap. Show evidence that you care for that 'second tier country'.
Ohlmay  +   690d ago
Xbox One will most likely fail in Japan, but I'm still interested in what Japanese games it will have to offer. If it's Lost Odyssey 2, I'll buy an Xbox One first day that releases.
KUNJ  +   690d ago
They have a problem with the ps4 in the US of A
So i think they need to focus there than Japan. Sony gots all guns out this time, and it looks fucking serious.

Return of the playstation2.
gamertk421  +   690d ago
PS2 sucked!
KUNJ  +   690d ago
And xbox 1 ,not the new one, was great? Hahaha. That new chick is going to take xbox division to hell in high heels.
#22.1.1 (Edited 690d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report
DragonKnight  +   690d ago
You wish. PS2 is the second greatest console of all time in terms of quality games (SNES will always be first) and the King of Consoles in terms of sales. "Sucks" is not a word that applies to the PS2.
MasterCornholio  +   690d ago

Your not a gamer then.

Nexus 7 2013
5eriously  +   689d ago
I can see and understand why you have two bubbles. Plan a farewell party for bubble no 2 (wink)Quick!
DOOMZ  +   690d ago
Thats cool!
KillrateOmega  +   690d ago
The XBO will not beat the PS4 in Japan. No amount of Disagrees will change this.
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tehpees3  +   690d ago
Speak all you want MS but something tells me 3DS is going to continue it's domination there for a while.
IIZANGETSUII  +   690d ago
Yeah keep telling yourself that bullshit MS LOL
kratos_TheGoat  +   690d ago
to win japanese gamers ms has to release exclusive rpg not time exclusive games. exclusive anime tv deal with netflix monthy deal & bmf on live to make it better then psn that how ms might have a chance
arbitor365  +   690d ago
there are two things xbox will never have

1) the best exclusive content
2) the Japanese market

end of story
shuuwai  +   690d ago
simple solution.

Hentai games on X1.
milf, loli, and etc all that great stuff from Japan. -_-;;
GraveLord  +   690d ago
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