What Pokémon Is

Pokemon - "I write a whole lot about Pokemon here at Kotaku—and every time, at least one person asks what the deal with the franchise is. Why is it so big? Why do people care about it? What's it about, even?"

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thomasmiller1802d ago

What Is Pokemon? Nintendo's Big Daddy Franchise, that both sony and microsoft would sell their souls to have!! with the games and the money they make from all the merchandise, tv shows everything, YEAH, no matter what the trolls say, nintendo has no money, bull crap!!! Pokemon, will all ways make sure Nintendo, along with Mario, and Zelda, will make sure Nintendo will be around for a long time.. and Pokemon, is not a fad, wait until you see the sales from X AND Y, that is what pokemon is and that is why the trolls hate it so much!!

1802d ago