Beenox Working on The Amazing Spider-Man 2; First Details Arriving Today at NYCC 2013

Yesterday, Beenox via their official Twitter account hinted official announcement of brand new game within 24 hours time period. Now some more details has arrived regarding what this upcoming title from Beenox exactly is.

Beenox is all set to reveal "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" later today, according to details in local newspaper named as "Lapresse". The game will launch in May 2014, in the same week as the movie for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Wii U and 3DS.

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EXVirtual1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I hope it's better than TASM 1. That game was amazingly mediocre. Beenox proved that they can make a pretty damn good SM game with SM: Shattered Dimensions. They say that Manhattan will be more lively, we'll have a realistic swinging system and a combat system with even more depth. Hoping for the best.

XisThatKid1768d ago

TASM wasn't bad so if This one expands on that and tighten this one up I believe it will be good. I did have alot of fun with the first one though.

Ezz20131768d ago

TASM was very great game
it's the best spiderman game i played this gen

chrissx1768d ago

They should go and look at the spiderman 2 on Ps2 era, that's the best spiderman game to date. Beenox didn't impress me with amazn spiderman

EXVirtual1768d ago

Yeah. That's what I'm getting from this article. This time, they'll have realistic swinging.

Gamesgbkiller1768d ago

Never play the first one.

I hope they will surprise me :)