First Metal Gear Solid Online gameplay video

First gameplay video, low quality, but it's something for those who are still waiting.

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sonarus3862d ago

Questions for those in the forums. How is the online community. Can you do friend invites any clan support, can you set up custom matches e.t.c.

Mainman3862d ago

Umm, this map wasnt supposed to be in the beta.

chaosatom3333862d ago

i think so, It's in the online manual.

Mainman3862d ago

No, the beta was supposed to have 'Ambush Alley' and 'Gronznyj Grad'.

The map in the video is 'Blood Bath'.

sonarus3862d ago

They said they would add one more map i guess this was it

adriano9993862d ago

The beta was supposed to have blood bath e GG

sonarus3861d ago

LOL but he can change...Really funny to know you are hated so much no matter what you say you are guaranteed disagrees. I wish i had such fame:(

Maddens Raiders3861d ago

first time I'm seeing this and I must say it looks really good just from the liitle bit shown. I can honestly say for me that this is must own material and looks to provide hours and hours of fun.

Good job Kojima; you psycopath.

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TruthBTold3862d ago

lucky. Man, the game looks incredible even with a crappy video. WOuld it be wrong to say that graphicwise it looks better than COD4? I see more details in the game, lets wait for a better video or at better when we actually get to logging for the beta.

TUFFnNYC3861d ago

LOL. I thought the same exact thing bro. And to see that from a low quality video means only one thing. This could def be the best looking game so far. Damn i cant wait.

TruthBTold3861d ago

This game is showing a lot of potential and that video proves how good the game is gonna look. Too bad we gotta wait a little longer to play but its gonna be worth it. The bad part now that I think about it is I have my GTAIV preordered for pick up on the 29th which means I will have less time to play between both of them. I will probably give MGO more time due to it being available for a short time.

Harry1903862d ago

and the draw distance is really impressive.
Could expect no less.

Iceberg0323862d ago

I can't wait until midnight so that I can play this game! Watch out for Iceberg I am gonna take over! HA HA!!

iAmPS33862d ago

This might not be as big as COD4 cause is no FPS, but for MGS fans this is BIG, really BIG.

See you in-game.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13861d ago

Graphics look brilliant!!! ;-P

Rice3862d ago

I predict that at least one person whos gonna comment will say, "can't wait" as for me, i cant wait...