GTA Online, Week Two: All People Want To Do Is Kill Each Other

Kotaku - "I’m a week into playing GTA Online. My character mysteriously had a sex change during one of the Social Club outages. She still never has arms when I log in, and changes clothes every time I look away. Somehow I ended up in a dogfight with a fighter jet and, some time before that, a $9,000 bounty on my head. I’m still not sure of what’s happening, but I’m having fun figuring it out."

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CarnageXB1805d ago

Im not trying to kill people. Im trying to rank up and make money. But there are always these trolls in the game that just want to kill. Every time I die I get $1K to $2k taken from me. Im a lvl 6 (I had to remake my character) I dont make alot of money in the game so I hate it when these trolls in fast cars and jets with high powered weapons just find me and kill me. I know its GTA and its a game, but its not fun constantly being killed and not being able to play the game. Ive been only playing with my crew for now until I get higher and get more money.

HammadTheBeast1805d ago

You still can't? I've been playing completely fine since the last update. Got myself 100k now.

KonsoruMasuta1805d ago

@Hammad, everything was going smooth until two days ago. I was getting in and out of sessions flawlessly, short waiting times, and no characters disappearing. I didn't understand what everybody was complaining about, until it happened to me. First, my character got deleted and now I can't even get on. I guess I'll just have to wait for the patch coming out this week.

Until then, I'll enjoy SP.

sinjonezp1805d ago

I am not going to lie. Everybody on my list runs around to find people, kill them and rob them for all the money they haven't deposited into there atms . that's it. Its sad too cause you catch a lot of people without guns running for their lives and we just rob them. Its funny, but I can see how this would be a problem as a whole.

hay1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Just play closed/invite only sessions with known people, if they're competent.
My first experience in GTA Online was being beaten up by a big transvestite during first tutorial missions...
Then lost two characters, and on my third char two upgraded vehicles despite tracker/insurance.
Online might be fun someday.

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T21805d ago

I find free mode boring ppl trying to kill me is more exciting at least than server full of dudes hanging out in their apartments taking group photos ... Lol ... I just insta join races now

camel_toad1805d ago

It's true a lot of players love to just fart around and kill but after a while you just accept it as the way it is. As far as losing money, every time you have money just open up your phone, click money and services and then the maze bank link to deposit all of your money - or take the lengthier route and drive to an ATM.

CarnageXB1805d ago

ATMs don't matter. I never carry cash. I always deposit. Yet when I die $1k to $2k is taken straight out of my bank for medical bills.

Blacktric1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

"Every time I die I get $1K to $2k taken from me."
"but it's not fun constantly being killed"

Hey. Have you ever heard of this amazing thing called ingame online banking that lets you store your wallet cash instantly into your bank account? How about "Quick Jobs" section in your phone menu? Have you tried that? Or how about calling your contacts to ask for a job that you can do solo? No?

Don't cry when people kill you in free roam when you are not even aware of half of the mechanics or the purpose of the free roam mode.


Cool hashtag. Try not to cut yourself over all that edge.

Heisenburger1805d ago

How about you stfu?

How does that sound?




FragMnTagM1805d ago

It doesn't matter if you deposit your money or not when people kill you, you still have to pay a hospital bill which I believe is 1 or 2k.

Blacktric1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Hospital bill depends on how much cash you have in your bank account, just like how it works in single player. The highest they can take from you is 2k though (if you have 60k dollars or more). And again, it still doesn't matter since only reason a below Rank 20 player should play around in free roam is to purchase newly unlocked guns from Ammunation or purchasing vanity stuff. If you are a very low rank player, only thing you should worry about is jumping from one mission to the next, which also prevents you from dealing with hospital bills since respawns are free in mission mode.

abusador1805d ago

Seriously, also passive mode, smfh. Rockstar allows you to deposit money immediately, also get into passive mode if you don't want to die. People cry over stupidity.

In my case if I play for four hours I'll spend about only twenty minutes looking for ppl to kill and the rest is ranking up, robbing banks, missions, etc... I don't cry if someone finds me and kills me, that's what I love about the game, the fact anyone can come at any momentand attack. Besides that I, always cognizant of where ppl are at and if I see someone coming I jump out my car, take cover and usually end up making them regret thy came to kill me.

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tracyllrkn1805d ago

An easy legit way to make money and RP is to do survival. If you pass wave 10, you get $20,000 and 2000+ RP.

FragMnTagM1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Races make more per hour if you are good and get in the top three. It can take well over half an hour to get to level 10 in survival mode. Survival mode is more about fun for me than a quick way to make money.

Races generally pay 5-9000 for coming in first and usually take a few minutes.

uncharted561805d ago

Right on bro. Joined a game yesterday lost 12 grand in a matter of less then 10 minutes because aholes feel like ruining a game for others and I was just driving around in my car.

1805d ago
Pintheshadows1805d ago

They need to change the penalty for dying asap as I got griefed by one player for around an hour the other night. I had no money on my person but went from 49k to about 27k just because he was an idiot.

GuyThatPlaysGames1804d ago

I have noticed that's all the people online wanna do. I've been trying to rank up or do jobs with crew members for extra XP but every minute a jackass just wants to gun me down. That's usually why I play a solo online lobby now lately.

Donnieboi1804d ago

Try passive mode. That's what it's there for.

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n4rc1805d ago

I have ended up playing friend only sessions.. Every player just seems to be a dick..

Only mingle with randoms for missions and races.. Even then 90% of players have no interest in racing, just trying to wipe you out.... to each their own but I find it annoying when its ever single encounter

HammadTheBeast1805d ago

What level are you? I'm about 25, and while I have passive mode on a lot of the time, I haven't seen many a-holes so far. They seem to get fewer and fewer once they realize you have a custom carbine on you.

n4rc1805d ago

22 now for the second time.. Lol

Passive mode is a joke.. You can still be blown up or run over.. Haha

Scoring systems suck for DM style games.spend a grand on ammo and get the most kills, but your team sucked so you get zero. not to mention aim assit that works when it wants to..

Still fun.. But needs plenty of work imo

GuyThatPlaysGames1804d ago

The only reason you don't come across the assholes is that they know you're on passive mode so they don't even bother messing with you.

mhunterjr1805d ago

I can't believe people are complaining about getting randomly killed in a game who's bread an butter is randomly killing people.

There are things you can do. join a crew, and play with people that have your back. spend more time in missions and races until you can afford to defend yourself better.

Pintheshadows1805d ago

It isn't so much that. It is the monetary penalty for it. I couldn't care less if it was $500 but getting killed a few times really cuts into your cash flow at earlier levels even when it is deposited and it makes all the work to get that money pointless.

-Foxtrot1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

You know I would of liked Rockstar to make a free roam mode or something and having like 64 players in the game....that would be chaotic.

I mean they've wasted so much time setting up races and missions yet the sad thing is that people just want to kill each other.

Instead of races you could of had Demolition derby mode in a stadium or instead of missions working together to rob a bank you could of had a mission where it was whoever could get to the bank first rob it while trying to kill people in your way

KonsoruMasuta1805d ago

Those are horrible ideas. Especially the bank one.

Heisenburger1805d ago

I love how you kept using "of" when you should be using "have".

#English #RosettaStone

IRetrouk1805d ago

Dude i think you are gonna end up as the most hated on n4g, could you be the one that gets the sony and micro fanboys to join together against a common enemy? Lol

fattyuk1805d ago

^^^^^ yes

No need for personal attacks and silly hash tags.

Pintheshadows1805d ago

You again. Oh boo hoo, he made a mistake. At least he doesn't think he is better than everyone else whilst using hashtags on a site that isn't Twitter.

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Saints941805d ago

People like chasing the level 79 guy around and try to shoot them....

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