NYCC: Will the GTA 5 DLC Feature San Andreas' CJ?

Could Grand Theft Auto V DLC feature CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? It’s certainly possible, if a mysterious comment made by Shawn “Solo” Fonteno, the actor who portrayed Franklin Clinton in the game, is interpreted in a certain way.

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MrSwankSinatra1595d ago

if it is DLC it wont have anything to do with the GTA V universe. since rockstar themselves said there is three separate universes in GTA

2D Universe: GTA & GTA 2
3D Universe: GTA III, Vice City & San Andreas
HD Universe: GTA IV & V

DarkBlood1594d ago

they dont necessary have to go for realism in that sense.

they could just make up some effed up time space warp continium that sends CJ to the HD universe or some crazy shit like that lol

Soupaman661594d ago

they already had the claud/misty heritage in gta v. I think as long as its not main story then its fine.

Angerfist1594d ago

Well, isnt there CJ as an easter egg already in GTA 5?? so that theory may be wrong.

Who knows what Rockstar comes up with but im sure we will have DLC by Easter.

KonsoruMasuta1594d ago

Easter Eggs are non-canon. Rockstar themselves have stated that the PS2 GTAs and Current gen GTAs are in different universes.

Khajiit861594d ago

CJ is still from San Andreas so its possible.

CarnageXB1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

I was watching a two paramedics trying to heal someone I hurt in GTA 5 and they walked away talking and one of them said "moms right, I need to move to Vice City" or something like that.

MrSwankSinatra1594d ago

i'm talking about the story and characters from GTA III-San Andreas. the cities themselves are the only thing each series of games share.

Hufandpuf1594d ago

HD universe LOL, what will GTA 6 be called?

"The separate dimension"?

MrSwankSinatra1594d ago

Rockstar Confirmed themselves that there are three separate universes. what are you saying they are lying?

1594d ago
Swiftcricket1594d ago

Even though they said that they could very well put CJ in here but change him up a bit. Lazlow debuted in Vice City and has been in every main entry since.

RedSoakedSponge1594d ago

but Love Fist are in GTAV....

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Max-Zorin1594d ago

That wouldn't bad. After all, R* actually get it right when it come to DLC unlike some companies.

CarnageXB1594d ago

I heard somewhere R* said they would add old maps like vice city and liberty city to the online map.

tweet751594d ago

I just hope it expands to all of san andreas I really want to go to Vegas in HD!

Perjoss1594d ago

GTAV DLC is totally fine, I just hope they find time to work on the next Red Dead, preferably for PS4 and xbone.

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