The making of Final Fantasy XI: will Xbox's first Final Fantasy MMO also be the last?

There have been toys, not unexpectedly. There have been novels. Films. Key-rings. Life-size replica swords. Anime cartoons. T-shirts. Clocks. Comic books. Jewellery. Soundtracks. Cuddly toys. Mobile phone apps. Chocobo hats. Radio plays.

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Max-Zorin1502d ago

I hope not. I'm pretty sure there are Xbox owners that like MMO's despite the petty stereotypes.

Mystogan1502d ago

It will be the last on 360 for sure. But Xbox One on the other hand already has a few upcoming MMO's.

Destiny,Warframe,Elder Scrolls.
War thunder and Black Desert devs are also interested.

hellzsupernova1502d ago

The war thunder devs have stated that they are not interested, they say microsofts policies mean it won't happen.

KwietStorm1502d ago

Didn't know Warframe was an MMO... When did they announce it for Xbox One?

Mystogan1502d ago

I heard it somewhere today that they were interested again, don't remember where unfortunately.fortunately I don't give a shit about War Thunder, I don't like vehicle only games. That Includes World of tanks.

I don't consider world of tanks an MMO


I actually thought it was an MMO xD. Anyway the devs said something like this. " It would be really stupid not to bring it to the Xbox One now" so yeah. That's pretty much a guarantee or they'd be calling themselves stupid.

Godmars2901501d ago

Think the door has been opened for Warframe being on the XB1 after MS reversed their policies.

UltimateMaster1501d ago

Destiny and Elder's scrolls are the only 2.

Warframe is in negotiation.
no other game is interested so far.

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1502d ago
3-4-51502d ago

wasn't FF 11 on xbox 360 ?

Abriael1502d ago

It will for sure be the last Final Fantasy MMO they get, courtesy of Xbox Live's hostility to cross platform gameplay.

Yoshida has been very clear. They don't want to split their userbase. So no FFXIV on the One. And it's a pity, because for a MMO the more platforms the better.

Mystogan1502d ago the expression that describes Final Fantasy XIV.

it's not up to par with the top MMO's. And you will have to pay a subscription every month. It will not be missed. I definitely won't miss it that's for sure.

Elder scrolls Online is a much better game by the looks of it. But again monthly subscription ruins it. Guild Wars 2 and many others already proved that you do not need a monthly sub fee make a great MMO.

Abriael1502d ago

LOL. Final Fantasy XIV is most probably the best MMORPG on the market at the moment. It eats whatever "top MMO" you throw at it alive in basically every aspect. Graphics, gameplay, music, storytelling...

I played Elder Scrolls Online at Gamescom and it doesn't even get near. Guild Wars 2 doesn't have a sub, and it shows in the fact that its quality is low and its built with an engine that was already obsolete when it was used for Guild Wars 1.

You get what you pay for, and your comment really sounds like sour grapes.

kwyjibo1502d ago

Final Fantasy XI was meh, worse than other MMOs and had a subscription fee.

It is the most profitable Final Fantasy of all time.

Some people will only play an MMO if it has chocobos in.

nunley331502d ago

Final Fantasy XIV is fantastic and it's totally worth the monthly fee. You get a free 30 day trial when you buy the game. So play the 30 day trial i say and see if you still wanna continue after 30 days,i bet you will after getting a taste of that sweet sugar that is FFXIV.

kwyjibo1502d ago

Xbox has been very hostile to cross platform previously. But that was partly because Xbox Live was the only online service you had to pay for.

If a game had cross platform multiplayer, gamers could choose rival platforms and still have access to the large Xbox Live playerbase, killing their sales.

Now that Sony (and their fervent supporters) have decided that pay-for-online is awesome, there's more parity across the platforms and Microsoft may be open to cross platform gaming again.

This interview posted yesterday suggests that Xbox cross platform is happening -

Abriael1502d ago

Between Xbox One and PC, and only on Microsoft games where Microsoft has total control.

Too bad that the game is on PS3 and will be on PS4. You can pretty much bet your monthly wage that Microsoft will never allow cross platform with Sony's consoles.

kwyjibo1502d ago

I don't think that will be the case. He brings up Shadowrun, but they're ditching Games For Windows live.

Even if it is the case, it would bring Xbox cross platform up to parity with PlayStation cross platform.

Unless you're going to champion PS4-WiiU compatibility that is.

Abriael1502d ago

@kwyjibo: it does not matter if it "brings it up to par". This article is not about a competition between Sony and Microsoft.

Sony isn't against cross platform with any other platform. Microsoft will never allow cross platform with other consoles.

This means that FFXIV, which is already on PS3 and will soon be on PS4 will never be on Xbox, because they already said they won't split the community.

kwyjibo1502d ago

The amount of certainty you place on Microsoft's cross platform plans is weird.

Microsoft are putting Office on iPad. Smartglass is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. They understand the monopoly is over, their new "devices and services" reorganisation recognises this.

Vanna1502d ago

I could be wrong but i thhought Sony had stated that free content including mmo access did not require ps plus

Maybe that has changed now??

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Juste_Belmont1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Unless MS had dedicated servers for 360 players of FFXI, crossplay between consoles has already happened, as I played FFXI on my backwards compatible PS3 for awhile, so I don't see what the big deal is. Of course it's all up to MS to allow FFXIV to happen on the Xbox1, but I think eventually they will, especially if they think it will help them sell more consoles.

The_Truth_24_71502d ago

I remember a Marvel MMO was going to be released for the 360 but MS policies kept it from happening. That MMO is now Champions Online.

PoSTedUP1502d ago

im not to fond of paying a monthly subscription for a service i already pay to play online for. if i wanted to play mmo's id get a pc. that is of course if any mmo is good enouvht to persuade me to do so...

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