Nine new Dragon Quest V scans

Square Enix has finally decided to bring back Dragon Quest V into the center of attention, and they are doing it with style. This week's issue of Japanese magazine V-Jump features a couple of pages filled with new screenshots of the game.

After taking a look at the first high-res screenshots of the game, it appears to have far more advanced graphics from the previous DS remake, Dragon Quest IV.

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looks interesting. i would have rathered them make this game on ps3. another big JRPG is what i need and i love this franchise. oh well lucky i have a ds and ill def be picking this up.

SirFenwick3888d ago

Can't they just stick with one console? Jeez...

Anyways, looks nice. I'll have to rent it first.

realistgamer3888d ago

looks nice kinda reminds me of Golden Sun.

PS360WII3888d ago

Alright DQ is looking better and better. I like how they are using the two screens for all the map. Hopefully US will be playing the 4th one soon enough! Guess IX won't be coming out till late this year :(