Fantastic Star Citizen High Resolution Concept Art Shows Retailator and Gladiator Space Bombers

Star Citizen is only $160,000 away from the mind boggling goal of 22 million dollars in crowd funding pledges, and Cloud Imperium Games shared a large batch of new concept art in super high resolution.

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Hellbringer1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Both spacecrafts are Bombers and they really look good.
The quality of the Concept Arts is also high.

The Gladiator is similar to the Hornet, but looks even better. He will probably not have a long range but he can do fairly high damage to bigger ships. In my opinion the Retailiator looks better than the Cosntellation.

Abriael1742d ago

Here's what the Gladiator reminds me a lot of :D

Hellbringer1742d ago

That's right. The ship has such a WW2 style. So far, I even find it is one of the best-looking spaceships in Star Citizen. It seems to be sturdy and military.

JsonHenry1742d ago

I can not wait for this game.