Nvidia Tegra 6 'Parker' will Power Next Gen Mobile Graphics - Will Rival Current Gen Consoles

Nvidia Tegra 6 aka Parker will be the face of Next Gen Mobile Graphics, Graphics which will rival Current Gen Consoles such as PS3 and Xbox 360. The Tegra 6 will fully utilize 64Bit and will power Androids in 2014.

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zeal0us1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Nvidia need to focus on Tegra 4. Most OEM have opt for Snapdragon 600 or 800 SoC instead for Tegra 4. Now here these guys are talking about Tegra 6 and a few months back was boasting about Tegra 5 running BF3. If Tegra 6 is coming in 2014 then can they're just throwing Tegra 5 to the wolves.

codelyoko1623d ago

They are indeed. If Tegra 6 comes in 2014, Tegra 5's Life is being deliberately cut short.

President1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Who cares about power when your battery drains in a few hours?

Make an announcement when your chips provide long battery live and great performance.

Also holy crap who wrote this sentence:

"Even more interesting is the fact that since Tegra 5 has not yet been fully released if Parker is coming by 2014 it means that Nvidia is Deliberately cutting the life of Tegra 5 Short"

Written by a 12 year old?

thehitman1622d ago

@ president

Stronger chips will always result to more battery drains. You cant have 1 increase w/o the other decreasing unless the chips themselves have been made smaller to use less heat/power. What there needs to be is better batteries that can hold more power over much longer periods of time which there are many breakthroughs in battery technology that I am hoping will become stable/reliable over the next 3-5 years.

steve30x1622d ago

@ President : Every android device Ive used has a very poor battery life. Android is a horrible resource hog. You have to go through your apps and disable apps that you will never use before you even get about twenty minutes of battery life.

ProjectVulcan1622d ago

Tegra 5 is 20nm which means it is somewhat better on batteries.

To get the sort of performance we are talking about they are really pushing the limits of battery life, more power is good, but a lot of the time with smartphones it doesn't always seem worth the trade off.

I virtually always end up buying another battery or bigger battery if I can, and it affects my decision on an increasing number of phones whether I can actually do that instead of the damn thing being sealed.

We desperately need these next gen batteries to increase energy density, but it seems they are still some way from commercial viability.

FragMnTagM1622d ago

I have a Zune HD that has a Tegra 1 in it. I had not used it in three months as I have a crap ton of music in my car on USB already, no need for wires. Anyway, I realized when I pushed the power button on it, that it had been in standby for that time period.

I used it for two days after that and it still has a charge on it.

Longest battery life I have ever seen in any similar device.

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Muffins12231623d ago

That's how the mobile market works,technology is moving way faster than it needs to for mobile devices,buy the fastest fun in the universe and a year and half later is obsolete.

codelyoko1622d ago

Yea exactly. Tegra 6 is pretty next gen tho. If someone had said to me 5 years ago that mobile graphics would rival console. i would have laughed :P

hazeblaze1622d ago

If the Tegra 5 launches in the next month or two... it'd make sense for the Tegra 6 to launch next winter as well.

However, I do agree with your point... Even if the Tegra 5 launches soon, I doubt they will have much interest from the OEM's. And by the time the Tegra 6 launches, I expect Snapdragon to have comparable chips available.

humbleopinion1622d ago

- First, Tegra 6 is mentioned in the graph as a 2015 release. Don't know why the writer implied this nonsense
- Second, even if it was the case, it would be incredibly dumb to postpone Tegra 6 just because you want Tegra 5 to sell more. The competition will not sit idle and wait for you.
- And lastly, Tegra 4 is already out. No need to focus on development of it anymore from R&D perspective: manufacturers who are looking for an SoC can simply opt in to buy it.

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Bolts1622d ago

Rapid advances in mobile is exactly why I'm concerned that the Nextgen won't stay nextgen very long. If the PS4 is struggling to render all games in 1080p then the writing is on the all the wall for dedicated consoles. At this pace tablets are due to over take the PS4 in roughly 5 years.

Garrison1622d ago

Hey man, I'm not into calling people out or anything like that but 5 years?
That's the usual console cycle. The nextgen won't be "nextgen" in 5 years.

_QQ_1622d ago

last cycle was 7 years. not agreeing with him just saying the cycles are getting longer.

humbleopinion1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

The mobile advancement is not rapid, but rather steady. The article indicates that in 2015 we will finally see mobile tablet SoC which is the equivalent of a 10 years old budget non-mobile console system. It's about as "revolutionary" as a mobile device in 2005 with graphics equivalent of a PS1.

GentlemenRUs1622d ago

I know your a little peed off Nvidia about loosing the contracts with Sony and M$ but there is no need to put out false statements like "will rival next gen consoles"...

Sometimes I wonder... Would be easy enough to just have one Graphics Card brand then have tons which do the same thing...

SonyKong641622d ago

ye, quashing competition would be a great thing..

as great as privatizing prisons, or slaughtering innocents for resources, or DRM policies..

go home, your drunk..

kB01622d ago

They barely have Tegra 4 properly inserted, and they're talking about Tegra 6?

Nvidia is slipping!

I've been buying Nvidia ever Since Ati screwed me with 2900 XT which was a 600$ paper weight, and AMD screwed me with flawed phenoms (the first batch had engineering issues and were worse than intel's FAKE quad cores).

Let's see some investing, you already lost current gen consoles, now almost the mobile generation. Pick it up!

Also wtf were you thinking with Titan? 1000+$ when you can get a 780 GTX...and easily oc it more for nearly half the price.

Step it up Nvidia!

hellvaguy1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

How do you personally know nvidia "lost"? Maybe they opted out because the profit margin was way too low.

Also guess what happens when you OC a titan gpu? Ya so that argument of yours was a failure as well.

kB01621d ago

Yes you absolutely can OC a titan, have you seen the difference in performance between titan and 780 GTX? 10%.

Is that worth the extra 300-500$? Doubtful. No OC makes the titan a clever purchase. I'm sorry. The truth hurts. The only saving grace is it's Ram Count. Which could easily be done on other cards. Even my laptop graphics card has a 2 GB Ram GDDR5.

Yes, Nvidia went on the record to state that console profit is very low, but if you look through articles that was a very childish and blank statement from nvidia.

Although Nvidia makes some of the best drivers and hardware out there (I've owned all Tegra units, I currently own a shield, 2 770 GTXs, a alienware 14 laptop with 765m and all my computers use Nvidia), they have been seen as very childish when it comes to sharing words, known to sometimes cheat benchmarks and also shared words with Intel which now they praise each other (just recently).

So sorry if I find it hard to believe that Nvidia is realistically smiling because of what happened with ps4 and Xbone. Think about what a long term commitment this could have been, current consoles lasted 7 years..that would mean 7 years of guaranteed business.

Ulf1622d ago

LoL. They claimed that Tegra 4 would best the 360 and PS3, too.

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