Eurogamer - Nintendo 2DS Review

EG:It's an indication of just how much the handheld gaming arena has changed in the past few years that Nintendo's shock announcement of the 2DS was greeted with such mirth and derision by the general public; once upon a time, the allure of new hardware from the Kyoto veteran would have been utterly irresistible to anyone who had experienced the joys of playing Tetris or Pokémon on their monochrome Game Boy, but these days Nintendo's dominance of the market it once ruled with an iron fist is under fire from all sides. The 3DS has more than proven its worth with some superb titles in 2013, but in terms of pure sales figures it's not the successor to the DS (still the world's best-selling handheld) the company would have wanted. Many gamers are ditching dedicated portable consoles in favour of convergent devices like smartphones and tablets, and the revenue generated by the likes of the App Store and Google Play market now eclipses sales of handheld software.

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thehobbyist1657d ago

The 2DS is for three kinds of people: Children below the recommended age for the 3D effect. People who don't care for the 3D effects. And those who don't have that much money.